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SCEJ 85th Annual Meeting (2020)

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SS-5 Management Issues of Chemistry Related Industries - SDGs and Circular Economy -

Organizer: Sato Takashi (SCEJ)

With regard to the circular economy that demands a shift from a mass-produced, mass-consumed, mass-disposable disposable society, the European Commission enacted the "Circular Economy Package" in December 2015.
This time, we would like to discuss the issues that should be addressed in the chemical-related industries by introducing examples of companies in the materials field, assembly processing field, and leading overseas trends such as the EU, which are aiming to develop business in line with the circular economy.
In addition, despite the frequent occurrence of global abnormal weather events in recent years, countries may not be in line with global warming countermeasures, so the relationship between economic and environmental win-win is possible. I want to have a discussion.

Hall E, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall E(2F 4201), Day 2(Mar. 16)
(13:50–17:30) (Chair: Miyaki Hirohisa)
13:5014:40E215[Invited lecture] TBA
(Circular Economy Japan) Nakaishi Kazuhiko

14:4015:20E218[Invited lecture] TBA
(Ministry of the Environment) Konuma Nobuyuki

15:3015:50E220[Invited lecture] TBA
(Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings) Kanda Mina

15:5016:10E221[Invited lecture] TBA
(Suntory Holdings) (Cor)Naiki Kenji


16:3016:50E223[Invited lecture] TBA
(Panasonic) Shimono Ryuji

16:5017:30General discussion

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