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SCEJ 85th Annual Meeting (2020)

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Session programs : HC-14

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HC-14 Symposium of Fukushima Reconstruction and Decommissioning Technologies

Organizers: Matsukata Masahiko (Waseda Univ.), Hasebe Shinji (Kyoto Univ.)

The research group on the Fukushima Reconstruction and Decommissioning Technologies started this year. We have been examining technologies related to Fukushima reconstruction and the decommissioning of the 1st Nuclear Power Station from the viewpoints of chemical engineering. In this symposium, we will discuss the current status of the development of technologies, including on-site contaminated water treatment, debris retrieval, and off-site radiation contaminated soil treatment.

Hall B, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall B(1F 4101), Day 2(Mar. 16)
(9:20–10:20) (Chair: Matsukata Masahiko)
9:209:50B202[Requested talk] On the appropriate processing of tritiated water
(Kyoto U.) (Reg)Hasebe Shinji
9:5010:20B203[Requested talk] Estimating RPV and PCV rising temperatures when debris cooling of 1F Unit2 is stopped
(SCE惻Net) (Reg)Hashimoto Noboru
Fukushima 1F
Temperature of RPV and PCV
Cooling water of Debris
(10:20–11:40) (Chair: Hasebe Shinji)
10:2011:00B205[Requested talk] Development of a novel method for volume reduction of radioactively contaminated soil by applying high-pressure cleaning technology
(Waseda U./AZMEC) *(Reg)Masada Takenori, (Waseda U.) (Reg)Matsukata Masahiko, (Reg)Yamazaki Atsushi, (Waseda U./Association for Promoting Green Deal) Shikata Yosuke, (Waseda U.) Mito Yohiko, Aikawa Mitsuaki, Kanbayashi Toshiaki, Moriyama Katsuhiko

11:0011:40B207[Invited lecture] Technical Strategic Plan 2019 For Decommissioning of the
(NDF) *Nakamura Noriyoshi, Noshita Kenji, Kitamoto Yukiyoshi

11:4012:00General discussion

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