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SCEJ 86th Annual Meeting (2021)

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Hall and day program : Hall A, Day 1

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 8th). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants (excludes free registration) and invited persons are required.

Hall A(), Day 1(Mar. 20)

Opening Ceremony | 0-a | SV-1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Opening Ceremony
9:0010:40Opening remarks
Chair of the SCEJ Kanto Branch (Denka) Shimizu Norihiro
Congratulatory address
APCChE President Foo Dominic
Presided over ceremony of newly honorary members
Greeting of the SCEJ-President
President of the SCEJ (IHI) Sekido Toshinori
Commendation ceremony
0-a The SCEJ Award
10:4011:20A105[The SCEJ Award] Innovation in Synthesis and Production of Zeolites
(UTokyo) (Reg)Okubo Tatsuya
The SCEJ Award
11:2012:00A106[The SCEJ Award] Study on Separation and Reaction Engineering Using Supercritical Fluid
(Nagoya U.) (Reg)Goto Motonobu
The SCEJ Award
SV-1 SCEJ Vision Symposium 7 - Action Plan 2050 Toward a Carbon-free Society Based on Chemical Engineering
13:0013:10Opening remarks
(IHI / President of SCEJ) (Reg)Sekido Toshinori
13:1013:30A114[Invited lecture] The Three Transitions and Relevant MOE Projects
(Ministry of Environment) Kondo Tomohiro
Vision symposium
13:3014:00A115[Requested talk] How Chemical Engineers Challenge the Net-Zero-Carbon Society for 2050?!
(TUAT/ Res. Inst. Symbiotic Energy Society) (Reg)Horio Masayuki
Vision symposium
14:0014:40A116[Invited lecture] AIST Global Zero Emission Research Center(GZR) Initiatives for a Decarbonized Society
(AIST) (Reg)Nishio Masahiro
Vision symposium
14:4015:20A118[Invited lecture] Taiheiyo Cement Long-term Vision toward 2050 carbon neutrality
(Taiheiyo Cement) *Hirao Hiroshi, Hayashi Kotaro, Nomura Koji, Hyodo Hikotsugu
Vision symposium
15:4016:20A121[Invited lecture] South Australia's clean energy transition and hydrogen opportunities
(South Australian Government) Edit Mucsi
Vision symposium
16:2017:00A123[Invited lecture] Renewables-based electrification and hydrogen: the road towards net zero emissions
(IFRI/former IEA) Cedric Philibert
Vision symposium
17:0017:20A127Concluding Comments on the Session and Expectations for Chemical Engineers in Constructing a Carbon Neutral Economy
(Sumitomo Chemical) Shiozawa Bunro
Vision symposium
17:3018:00Strategy and project for Realization of Materials DX Platform Concept
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

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SCEJ 86th Annual Meeting (2021)

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