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SCEJ 86th Annual Meeting (2021)

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Session programs : SS-3

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SS-3 Management Issues of Chemistry Related Industries - The Post-Corona Social and Economic Outlook, the Future of the Chemical-Related Industry and SDGs and Circular Economy -

Organizer: Sato Takashi (SCEJ)

This new type of corona virus has changed our society and our lives. Companies are also undergoing major changes in their relationships with customers, employees, and society, and the corona wreck is said to be the "last opportunity" for change. There are also many voices saying that the essence of Corona's evil is the SDGs. The Management Systems Research Committee planned a symposium last year on the theme of "SDGs and the Circular Economy," but unfortunately we could not set up a forum for discussion. Therefore, at this year's symposium, based on last year's "SDGs and Circular Economy," we would like to discuss the post-corona social and economic outlook of Japan, and the future of the chemical-related industry.

Registration is FREE for participants attending only for the public sessions (SV-1, SV-2, SV-3, HC-11, HC-12, and SS-3) as an audience (not as a speaker). See Details.

Hall G, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall G(), Day 2(Mar. 21)
13:0013:10Opening remarks
(Toray Corporate Business Res.) (Reg)Miyaki Hirohisa
13:1013:40G214[Invited lecture] ND
(JT Biohistory Res. Hall) Nakamura Keiko

13:4014:40G216[Invited lecture] ND
(NEDO) *Kishimoto Kikuo, Nishimura Hidetaka, Itoh Satoshi, Monkawa Akira

14:4015:10G218[Invited lecture] ND
(Nihon Unisys) Sasaki Takashi

15:2015:50G221[Invited lecture] ND
(Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking) Okamoto Takuma

15:5016:20G222[Invited lecture] ND
(Suntory) (Cor)Naiki Kenji

16:2016:50G223[Invited lecture] ND
(Toray) (Cor)Nonaka Toshiyuki


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