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SCEJ 86th Annual Meeting (2021)

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Session programs : SS-2

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SS-2 "Continuous Flow Production" Progressing from Fine Chemicals to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Organizer: Sato Takashi (SCEJ)

Flow synthesis, is attracting attention not only in the field of basic chemicals but also in various industries as a continuous production process that replaces batch production. In the pharmaceutical field as well, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) recommends continuous production, and research and development of continuous flow processes is accelerating rapidly. In this session, we will introduce the current status and future prospects of flow synthesis and micro-reactors, as well as examples of development and practical application at related chemical companies and equipment companies, and examples of deployment to the pharmaceutical industry.

Hall F, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall F(), Day 2(Mar. 21)
(13:30–15:10) (Chair: Maeda Haruhiko)
13:3013:40Introduction to Industrial Development Workshop
(Soken Tecnix) Yamada Hideo
13:4013:50Introduction to GT Committee
(Toagosei) Tsuiki Toshihiko
13:5014:30F216[Invited lecture] Inovation in drug development accerelated by micro-flow and automated synthesis.
(Nagoya U.) Fuse Shinichiro
micro-flow synthesis
automated synthesis
drug development
14:3015:10F217[Invited lecture] Roadmap for plactical use of continuous manufacturing by 2030
(Takasago Chemical) Saito Takao
15:1015:50F219[Invited lecture] Continuous emulsification by micromixer
(Kao) *(Reg)Takagi Michiya, (Cor)Naito Takaaki, (Cor)Kinoshita Takafumi, (Cor)Onishi Yuka, (Reg)Uematsu Takafumi, (Cor)Takagi Shunsuke, (Cor)Watanabe Daisuke, (Cor)Takahashi Akihiko, (Cor)Warita Hiroaki, (Kyoto U.) (Reg)Mae Kazuhiro
scale up
(15:50–16:30) (Chair: Sakai Atsushi)
15:5016:30F221[Invited lecture] Development of modular production equipment "iCubeTM" for continuous production
(TEC Project Services) (Cor)Ikeya Masatoshi
Continuous Manufacturing
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
(16:30–17:10) (Chair: Maeseto Tomoharu)
16:3017:10F223[Invited lecture] Innovative Process Development of Pharmaceuticals Under Continuous Flow Reactions
(Kaneka) (Cor)Yasukouchi Hiroaki
Flow reaction
Commercial-use flow reactor
GMP production

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