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SCEJ 86th Annual Meeting (2021)

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Session programs : F-2

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 8th). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants (excludes free registration) and invited persons are required.

F-2 Development of Binary Power Generation Systems and International Standard

Organizer: Matsuda Keigo (Yamagata Univ.)

In this session, the technical research and International standard(IEC/PC126) trend will be introduce. we will discuss the direction of future binary power generation technology development and strategiesplan include international standardization, aiming to contribute to the SDGs and strengthen competitiveness through this technology.

Hall E, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall E(), Day 3(Mar. 22)
(13:00–15:00) (Chair: Yamada Hidetaka)
13:0013:20E313[Requested talk] Towards of binary power generation system and efforts for international standardization
(Advance Riko) Tojo Kenji
Binary power generation
International standard
technological development
13:2013:40E314[Invited lecture] Strength of industrial competitiveness by technical development and international standardization
(Inst. Standards) Sasaki Hiroshi
International Standard
Binary Power Generation Systems
13:4014:00E315[Requested talk] Management of IEC PC126 international and/or internal standards
(JSA) Uchita Masaaki
Binary power generation
International standard
14:0014:20E316[Invited lecture] Initiatives for energy recovery technologies
(Shinko Research) Uehara Kazuhiro
Binary power generation
Waste heat recovery
Renewable energy
14:2015:00E317[Requested talk] Product trends and issues of binary power generation
(IHI Rotating Machinery Eng.) *(Cor)Yamaguchi Tomohiko, (IHI) (Cor)Takahashi Kenichi
Binary power generation
Product trends
Working fluid
15:0015:40E319[Review lecture] The research and development related to international standardization in FREA
(AIST) (Reg)Nakaiwa Masaru
Binary power generation
Renewable energy
15:4016:00General discussion

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