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SCEJ 86th Annual Meeting (2021)

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Hall and day program : Hall I, Day 1

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 8th). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants (excludes free registration) and invited persons are required.

Hall I(), Day 1(Mar. 20)


Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
X-51 The Seminar of Fluid & Particle Processing Division
13:0013:15Opening remarks and Divisional award ceremony
13:1513:45I114[Divisional Award] Unpredictable Dynamics of Polymeric Reacting Flow by Comparison between Pre- and Post-Reaction Fluid Properties:Hydrodynamics Involving Molecular Diagnosis via ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy
(TUAT) Ueki Toshimasa, (Nihon U.) Iijima Jun, (TUAT) Tagawa Satoshi, *(Reg)Nagatsu Yuichiro
Fe3+ aqua complex
Henderson-Hasselbalch equation
Weissenberg effect
13:4514:15I115[Divisional Award] Effect of agitation speed on ice cream properties in batch freezer
(Osaka Pref. U./U. Shizuoka) (Reg)Masuda Hayato
Freezing process
Ice cream
Agitation speed
14:1514:25Introducing 2020 AIChE Annual Meeting, Kunii-Levenspiel Memorial Session
14:3515:05I118[Divisional Award] Fingering pattern induced by spinodal decomposition in hydrodynamically stable displacement in a partially miscible system
(TUAT) *(Stu)Suzuki Ryuta, (Reg)Nagatsu Yuichiro, (IIT Roper) Manoranjan Mishra, (Osaka U.) (Reg)Ban Takahiko
15:0516:00Divisional meeting

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