SCEJSCEJ SCEJ 53rd Autumn Meeting Sep. 14 (Wed) - Sep. 16 (Fri), 2022 Shinshu University, Nagano (Engineering) Campus / Online Japanese page
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ST-21. [CR,SI,BE,EE,MI] [Trans-Division Symposium] Frontiers of Data-driven Research and Development <Live/Virtual>

Organizer(s): Shimada Iori (Shinshu Univ.), Kim Sanghong (Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.), Toya Yoshihiro (Osaka Univ.), Kaneko Shogo (Sumitomo Chemical), Mukaida Shiho (Mitsui Chemicals)

Data science has been rapidly developing in recent years as the fourth science following experimental science, theoretical science, and computational science. The early realization of a data-driven society led by data science has been recognized as a key to international competitiveness. This symposium will have speakers who are making pioneering efforts toward a data-driven society from various viewpoints and discuss future research and development.

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