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ST-22. [EE,CR,SI,MI] [Trans-Division Symposium] New Developments of Fuel Cells, Batteries and Energy Conversion Devices (Oral) <Live/Virtual>

Organizer(s): Inoue Gen (Kyushu Univ.), Fukunaga Hiroshi (Shinshu Univ.), Tsujiguchi Takuya (Kanazawa Univ.), Tada Shohei (Ibaraki Univ.), Tamaki Takanori (Kagoshima Univ.), Kim Sanghong (Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.)

In this symposium, we call for lectures on energy devices and related energy conversion technologies such as fuel cell, solar cell, secondary battery. We accept lectures widely from the view point of nano-scaled material development as well as energy system. Furthermore, we plan to discuss about the "Model Base Development", "New Fabrication Process" and "New energy conversion". In addition to oral presentations category, poster presentations are also welcomed in a separate category for those who want to discuss thoroughly. In the poster presentation category, excellent presentations by students will be awarded. Furthermore, a session of manufacturing and process of fuel cell will be held in the afternoon of Day2.

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