SCEJSCEJ SCEJ 53rd Autumn Meeting Sep. 14 (Wed) - Sep. 16 (Fri), 2022 Shinshu University, Nagano (Engineering) Campus / Online Japanese page
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ST-28. [CR,SP] [Trans-Division Symposium] Cutting-edge Research about Membrane Reactor toward Process Intensification

Organizer(s): Araki Sadao (Kansai Univ.), Hara Nobuo (AIST), Hirota Yuichiro (NITech)

The combination of membrane separation and reaction is expected to be one of the key technologies for the process intensification to achieve avoidance of chemical equilibrium, improvement of reaction yield, resource saving, compactness, and energy saving. This symposium invites leading researchers and calls for presentations to introduce development of membrane reactors. Discussions on innovative technologies and future visions of membrane rectors are welcome.

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