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SY-64. [SI] [Symposium of Division of Systems, Information and Simulation Technologies] Analysis and Application of Innovative Process Technology for Systemization <Live/Virtual>

Organizer(s): Horie Takafumi (Osaka Metro. Univ.), Kataoka Sho (AIST), Matsumoto Hideyuki (Tokyo Tech)

In order to achieve the SDGs and solve the limits of the Earth, analysis of complex phenomena from micro to macro in social systems and system synthesis and design based on the concept of process intensification are required. To solve such problems, process system integration of various transport phenomena on the micro scale and individual elements on the chemical equipment scale and production process scale is also extremely important for the social implementation of advanced technologies. We invite a wide range of presentations on the analysis, application, and integration of various process technologies, and will hold discussions on the promotion of social implementation of process intensification technologies from a systems-theoretic viewpoint.

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