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SCEJ 53rd Autumn Meeting (Nagano, 2022)

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HQ-11 Japan-Korea-Taiwan Joint Symposium on Chemical Engineering

Organizers: Goto Masahiro (Kyushu Univ.), Matsuyama Hideto (Kobe Univ.), Fukushima Yasuhiro (Tohoku Univ.), Kusakabe Katsuki (Sojo Univ.)

This session is a joint symposium held annually alternately by the Chemical Engineering Societies of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, and the topics of the lectures are not limited to any particular topics, but are general talks on chemical engineering. The purpose of the symposium is to discuss the state-of-the-art science and technology of each region and to establish a relationship that will be useful for future exchanges among the Taiwan, Japanese, and Korean Societies of Chemical Engineers.

Registration is FREE for participants attending only for the public sessions (SP-1, SP-2, HQ-11 (from Korea and Taiwan only), and HQ-13) as an audience (not as a speaker). See Details.

Hall AB, Day 1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall AB(W2 4F 403), Day 1(Sep. 14)
(10:30–12:00) (Chair: Matsuyama Hideto)
10:3011:00AB105[Invited lecture] Drying patterns of sessile nanofluid droplets: Measurements with phase-shifting ellipsometry
(Tohoku U.) (Reg)Shoji Eita

11:0011:30AB107[Invited lecture] Activated carbon nanospheres and Li-Cl2 battery
(CCU) Li Yuan-Yao

11:3012:00AB108[Invited lecture] Simple Method to Improve the Electrochemical Performance of Ni-rich Cathode Materials for Use in Aqueous Li-ion Batteries
(Kyoto U.) *Lee Changhee, Miyahara Yuto, Miyazaki Kohei, Abe Takeshi

(13:30–15:00) (Chair: Li Yuan-Yao)
13:3014:00AB114[Invited lecture] Nanofiltration and gas permeation characteristics of TiO2-based microporous composite membranes prepared by addition of organic chelating ligands
(Kobe U.) (Reg)Yoshioka Tomohisa

14:0014:30AB116[Invited lecture] Stable Metal-Organic Framework-Based Materials for Electrocatalysis
(NCKU) *Kung Chung-Wei, Chang Tzu-En, Chiang Yi-Ting, Ho Wei Huan

14:3015:00AB117[Invited lecture] Hydride Research for Rechargeable Batteries
(GIST) Kim Tae Seung, *Kim Sangryun

(15:15–16:45) (Chair: Kim Heejoon)
15:1515:45AB120[Invited lecture] Elucidation of bubble dynamics of acoustic cavitation in a sonochemical process
(Tohoku U.) *(Reg)Yamamoto Takuya, Komarov Sergey

15:4516:15AB122[Invited lecture] Development of lithium-ion battery electrodes using carbon fibers as current collectors
(NCU) *Liu Yi-Hung, Tsai Tsung-Yu, Chen Yen-Lin, Lin Heng-Han, (NTJCN) Hsu Chun-Han

16:1516:45AB123[Invited lecture] Catalytic conversions of greenhouse gases to petrochemical intermediates
(SKKU) Jung Hyun Seung, Kwon Jae Hyeon, Kim Byeong Gi, *Bae Jong Wook


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