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SCEJ 53rd Autumn Meeting (Nagano, 2022)

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Session programs : SY-75

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SY-75 [Symposium of Division of Safety]
Process Safety Management and Supporting Risk Assessment

Organizers: Takeda Kazuhiro (Shizuoka Univ.), Tanabe Takuya (Showa Yokkaichi Sekiyu)

This symposium focuses on process safety management and supporting risk assessment , and aims to discuss the subjects and approaches to process safety Management through plant lifecycle and product lifecycle engineering.

Hall CB, Day 1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall CB(W1 2F 215), Day 1(Sep. 14)
(9:30–10:20) (Chair: Takeda Kazuhiro)
9:3010:00CB103[Requested talk] The impact of employee engagement on process safety -Work engagement and organizational culture management-
(Showa Yokkaichi Sekiyu) (Div)Tanabe Takuya
Safety Culture
Human Capital
10:0010:20CB104[Requested talk] Risk Management
(Process Safety) Minamigawa Tadao
risk management
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Tanabe Takuya)
10:4011:00CB106[Requested talk] A causal relationship model with explicit design rationale information for management of change
(Shizuoka U.) *(Reg)Takeda Kazuhiro, (Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Fuchino Tetsuo, (Saito MOT Lab) Saito Hideo, (TUAT) (Reg)Kitajima Teiji, (JNIOSH) (Reg)Shimada Yukiyasu, (Safety Case Lab.) (Reg)Iuchi Kensuke
management of change
design rationale
causal relationship model
11:0011:20CB107[Requested talk] Study on support measures to perform risk assessment of chemical substance
(JNIOSH) *(Reg)Shimada Yukiyasu, (Reg)Sato Yoshihiko, Takahashi Akiko, Itagaki Haruhiko
Risk Assessment
Hazard Scenario Identification
Uncontrolled Reaction
11:2011:40CB108Comparison of Explosion Simulation Methodology from Gas leakage in LNG Plants
(Ajou U.) *Park somin, Lee Keunwon, Jung Seungho
LNG Plants
Explosion Simulation
11:4012:00CB109[Requested talk] Inherently Safer Chemical Processes -process safety after implementing HAZOP-LOPA system-
(Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Fuchino Tetsuo
Inherently Safer chemical Processes
independent protection layer

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