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SCEJ 53rd Autumn Meeting (Nagano, 2022)

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Session programs : SY-84 : DB306

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SY-84 [Symposium of Division of Chemical Plant Materials Engineering]

Organizers: Kubouchi Masatoshi (Tokyo Tech), Mitomo Nobuo (Nihon Univ.)

On this symposium, research and development topics related to equipment materials for chemical plants, such as corrosion prevention, maintenance, extension of service life, life evaluation, etc. are presented and discussed.

Hall DB, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall DB(C3 1F 101), Day 3(Sep. 16)
(10:00–10:40) (Chair: Mitomo Nobuo)
10:0010:20DB304The effect of cyclicThe effect of cyclic hydrochloric acid concentration on epoxy matrix composite degradation to evaluate FRP chemical tank service life hydrochloric acid concentration on epoxy matrix composite degradation to evaluate FRP chemical tank service life
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Dharmakusumah Tania Natasha, (Reg)Kubouchi Masatoshi, (Reg)Kurniawan Winarto
Epoxy Glass Fiber
Cyclic Concentration Solution
Hydrochloric Acid Degradation
10:2010:40DB305Effect of stress on radical deterioration of FKM for sealing used in plasma etching equipment
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Wada Yuma, (Reg)Kubouchi Masatoshi, (Reg)Kurniawan Winarto, (Mitsubishi Cable Industries) Iezumi Naohumi, Takubo Tuyoshi, Yamamoto Tetsuya
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Kubouchi Masatoshi)
10:4011:20DB306[Invited lecture] Research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Damage Mechanism Evaluation of Non-metallic Materials
(Nihon U.) *Miyaji Rui, (Reg)Mitomo Nobuo
Artificial Intelligence
Damage Mechanism
Non-metallic Materials
11:2011:40DB308Degradation evaluation of biodegradable plastics in ethanol
(Nihon U.) *(Stu)Nagahashi Takaaki, (Reg)Sakai Tetsuya, (Reg)Mitomo Nobuo
Biodegradable plastic
11:4012:00DB309Degradation control and life assessment of thermosetting resins filled with synthetic zeolite
(Nihon U.) *(Stu)Saito K., (Reg)Sakai T., (Reg)Mitomo N., (Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Winarto K., (Reg)Kubouchi M.
thermosetting resin
life assessment
synthetic zeolite

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