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SP-1. [Special Symposium] Action Plan 2050 Toward Carbon Neutrality Based on Chemical Engineering <Live/Virtual> <Closed session>

Organizer(s): Kansha Yasuki (UTokyo), Kubota Nobuhiko (IHI), Koyama Michihisa (Shinshu Univ.), Tsuji Yoshiko (UTokyo), Nakagaki Takao (Waseda Univ.), Fukushima Yasuhiro (Tohoku Univ.), Yamada Hidetaka (Kanazawa Univ.)

The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ) is working on specific case studies by strengthening cooperation with local industries and communities as well as developing and deepening technologies and academic systems to achieve carbon neutrality. There is no doubt that we must decarbonize energy system, that is, move away from fossil fuels, and then we need a carbon neutral carbon source to replace naphtha from oil refining.

This year's symposium will focus on woody biomass as a carbon-neutral carbon source, and will discuss collaboration with the domestic forestry industry, chemical synthesis technology using woody biomass, and the design of Japan's overall industrial structure. On September 13, the day before the SCEJ Autumn meeting, we will hold an invited lecture, a requested lecture, and a panel discussion as a symposium open to the public with no charge for all participations. We are going to discuss about the future society that chemical engineering will innovate together with all of you.

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