SCEJSCEJ SCEJ 53rd Autumn Meeting Sep. 14 (Wed) - Sep. 16 (Fri), 2022 Shinshu University, Nagano (Engineering) Campus / Online Japanese page
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ST-24. [CR,SF,MI] [Trans-Division Symposium] CVD and Dry Processes <Live/Virtual>

Organizer(s): Noda Suguru (Waseda Univ.), Shimoyama Yusuke (Tokyo Tech), Kawakami Masato (Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions), Momose Wataru (ALD Japan)

Dry processes such as CVD and ALD have become important core technologies in various fields such as electronics, energy devices, and functional coatings. In this symposium, the reaction mechanisms of thin film formation, fine particle synthesis, and microfabrication using dry processes will be understood from the viewpoint of reaction engineering, and rational and efficient reaction processes and reaction devices will be discussed. The CVD Reaction Subdivision Incentive Award will be presented to the young researcher who makes the best presentation.

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