Last Update: 2023-02-03 16:39:08

Presentation Guide

Any form of recording is prohibited without permission from the Organizing Committee.

The SCEJ 88th Annual Meeting will be an on-site meeting. Oral sessions can also be attended online. Posters will be displayed both at on-site venue and on internet (GOING VIRTUAL).

This page will be updated.

Oral Presentation

All oral presentations will be streamed to/from the internet. These will be conducted on-site in principle, but can also be presented/attended online. Access GOING VIRTUAL with your Zoom-installed device to attend online.

Speech time General presentations : 15 minutes for speech and 4 minutes for discussion.
Invited lectures : 35 minutes for speech, 5 minutes for discussion in general.
Alarm 20-min presentation: 12 min (1st), 15 min (2nd), 19 min (3rd)
40-min presentation: 32 min (1st), 35 min (2nd), 39 min (3rd)
There is no alarm for online presentation. Please check your presentation time by yourself.
on-site Speakers Please bring your HDMI-equipped PC with your presentation material. There is no need to install zoom. The HDMI signal will be captured and streamed on the internet.
online Speakers Access GOING VIRTUAL with your Zoom-installed PC and share your screen. The shared screen will be projected at the on-site hall.

Poster Presentation

The poster session will be conducted on-site, but the poster will be displayed both on-site and online (GOING VIRTUAL).
The speaker of poster session must display your poster on the posterboard by yourself and must submit the pdf file of your poster by Mar 8.
See also guideline of poster.

Postersize Maximum postersize is 'A0' portrait (W 841 mm, H 1189 mm).
on-site display Display your poster on the posterboard before the start of the session by yourself. The poster must be removed at the end of the session by yourself.
online (GOING VIRTUAL) display Submit one-page pdf file of your poster by 11:59 pm of Mar. 8(Wed), 2023.
See guideline of poster.
Session time PS-A to PS-E: Session time: 120 min, Core time: 60 min; SS-7,SS-8: 90 min; HQ-21: To be posted later.
Poster Award If you have selected "PosterAwardEntry" on your application, Judges will review your presentation. Please explain your study in 3 minutes. The poster award ceremony will be held on 17:20 of the same day at Hall Y (on-site). The winner will get Certificate on the ceremony.
Notice for Halls P,Q Halls P,Q are Gymnasium (Shoes strictly prohibited).
Please change into the slippers provided. (Welcome to bring your slippers.)