Last Update: 2023-03-06 14:35:43

Hall map

PDF versions of Access and Campus maps and Hall map are submitted.
Notice for Wi-Fi connection and Dining/Shop information are appeared.

Registration, Cloakroom, Halls C-J, and Hall Z are located on the Lecture Hall Building.
Registration on New Bldg. 1 is Mar. 15 am only. [Open hours of Registration and Cloakroom]

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The PDF version of Hall map is here.

Notice on Wi-Fi connection

The Wi-Fi networks of the University will not be provided. Please use your own connection.
However, limited connections will be provided in Waiting rooms and Gymnasium.

Dining/Shop information

Co-op (North side of East Gate)Ellipse (South side of East Gate)
Dining11:30-13:00 (last order)Dining11:30-13:00 (last order)