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Headquarters Program


HC-11 Women Engineer's Forum

Mar. 16 (Thu) 13:00-16:40 Hall Y (Program)

Organized by
Gender Equality Committee
MIYAZAKI Akane(Japan Women's Univ.)
KATO Yukitaka(Tokyo Tech)
OKOCHI Mina(Tokyo Tech)
The SCEJ Women's Award, which is presented to women who have made outstanding technical and research achievements in chemical engineering-related fields, will be presented. In addition, there will be invited and requested lectures by female researchers and engineers who are active at the forefront of R&D and management. We would like to hear about the joys, difficulties, and goals in the field of research and development, and to discuss with you how to create a place for creative research and technological development, from the perspective of fostering global human resources in a sustainable society.
Registration is FREE for audiences attending only for the public sessions (SP-1, SP-2, HC-11) as an audience (not as a speaker). See Details
HC-12 Symposium of Working Group on CCUS - Current status and furture perspectives for carbon recycling -

Mar. 17 (Fri) 9:00-12:00 Hall Z (Program)

Organized by
The Working Committee on CCUS, Center for Strategic Planning
TAKAHASHI Nobuhide(Shinshu Univ.)
YAMADA Hidetaka(Kanazawa Univ.)
With the increasing importance of CCUS as a measure to mitigate global warming, the Working Committee on CCUS was established in 2022 after three years of activities by the Working Group on CCUS. At the first symposium of this committee, we will focus on CO2 capture, transportation, utilization and storage, namely CCUS as a whole, and discuss its challenges and prospects for early implementation.


HQ-21 How Young Researchers Are Thinking about Future Research on Chemical Engineering

Mar. 17 (Fri) 13:05-15:55 Hall R (Program)

RIYA Shohei(Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.)
SEN Jun(Ajinomoto)