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Ceremony will be held on Mar. 15 (Wed) [Day 1] am (9:00-12:00). Details will be posted here.

Date Mar. 15 (Wed) 9:00-12:00
Place Hall Y (Green Hall, 1st Floor of New Bldg. 1)

Opening Remarks

Chair of SCEJ Kanto branch /
Tokyo Univ. of Sci.
SHONO Atsushi

Congratulatory address

APCChE President VINES Maricris

Presided over ceremony of newly honorary members

Greeting of the SCEJ-President

President of the SCEJ /
Waseda Univ.

Commendation ceremony

The SCEJ Award Commemorative Lecture

"Interaction control of fine and nanoparticles by interface structure design"

(Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.) KAMIYA Hidehiro

"Engineering Research for Bioprocess Innovation"

(Chiba Univ.) SEKI Minoru