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SCEJ 88th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2023)

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Session programs : HC-11

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 1st). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants in Period I/II and invited persons are required.

HC-11 Women Engineer's Forum

Organizers: Miyazaki Akane (Japan Women's Univ.), Kato Yukitaka (Tokyo Tech), Okochi Mina (Tokyo Tech), Shigemitsu Hideyuki (SCEJ)

The SCEJ Women's Award, which is presented to women who have made outstanding technical and research achievements in chemical engineering-related fields, will be presented. In addition, there will be invited and requested lectures by female researchers and engineers who are active at the forefront of R&D and management. We would like to hear about the joys, difficulties, and goals in the field of research and development, and to discuss with you how to create a place for creative research and technological development, from the perspective of fostering global human resources in a sustainable society.

Registration is FREE for participants attending only for the public sessions (SP-1, SP-2, and HC-11) as an audience (not as a speaker). See Details.

Hall Y, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall Y(New Bldg. 1, 1F Green Hall), Day 2(Mar. 16)
(13:00–13:40) (Chair: Miyazaki Akane)
13:0013:40Y213[Invited lecture] Let's work excitingly and impress the recipients of your work.
(Asahi Kasei) (Cor)Nakafutami Hiromi

(13:40–14:20) (Chair: Kato Yukitaka)
13:4014:00Y215[Requested talk] Development of hydrogen storage and supply process using high content hydrogen storage media
(Waseda U.) (Reg)Hanada Nobuko

14:0014:20Y216[Invited lecture] University initiatives to realize a collaborative future in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
(TUAT) Tabunoki Hiroko

(14:20–14:40) (Chair: Okochi Mina)
14:2014:40Y217[Requested talk] Evaluation of cancer cell invasiveness by measuring chloride ion efflux ability
(AIST) Yamagishi Ayana

(15:00–15:40) (Chair: Okochi Mina)
15:0015:20Y219[The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity] Changing the chemical industry and triggering a social transition through women's participation
(UTokyo) (Reg)Tsuji Yoshiko
The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity
15:2015:40Y220[The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity] Functional Chemistry and its Commercialization, contributing to build up Sustainable Society
(Sumitomo Bakelite) (Reg)Oki Hiromi
The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity
(15:40–16:40) (Chair: Fujioka Keiko)
15:4016:00Y221[Requested talk] Gender Equality Movement in Architectural Institute of Japan -Issues of Today & Tomorrow-
(Tohata Architects & Engineers) Terada Hiroshi

16:0016:20Y222[Requested talk] Activities of Ladies' Association of JSME -Is there any correlation between gender equality and happiness?-
(CRIEPI) (Cor)Nishi Mina

16:2016:40General discussion

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