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SCEJ 88th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2023)

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Session programs : F-1

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 1st). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants in Period I/II and invited persons are required.

F-1 Evaluation Remaining Life Under the Aging of Chemical Equipment, and Extending its Life by Repair

Organizers: Kubouchi Masatoshi (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Mitomo Nobuo (Nihon Univ.)

Chemical plant in Japan has been aging, and the key is how to operate theses aged equipments safely while extending its service life. Symposium on extending life of chemical plant will be conduct, with the issues related to the aging of chemical equipment, focusing on the evaluation of the remaining life of materials discussed in the Division of Chemical Plant Material Engineering, and topics related to extending the life using repair materials.

Hall Y, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall Y(New Bldg. 1, 1F Green Hall), Day 3(Mar. 17)
(9:40–10:40) (Chair: Kurniawan Winarto)
9:4010:00Y303[Requested talk] Non-Destructive Testing Method for Chemical Degradation of Anti-Corrosion FRP Equipment
(Tokyo Tech) *(Reg)Kubouchi Masatoshi, (Reg)Kurniawan Winarto

10:0010:20Y304[Requested talk] Research on AI for judging the damage mechanism of polymeric materials
(Nihon U.) (Reg)Mitomo Nobuo

10:2010:40Y305[Invited lecture] Examples of infrastructure maintenance using organic materials
(Doi Seisakusho) (Div)Kaetsu Takashi

(11:00–12:00) (Chair: Mitomo Nobuo)
11:0011:20Y307[Requested talk] Examples of Damage on Boiler Facilities at Petrochemical Plants and Efforts to Prevent Recurrence
(Asahi Kasei) (Cor)Kurihara Tomoyuki

11:2011:40Y308[Requested talk] Development of long-distance wireless technology of LPWA for chemical equipment and application to IoT
(Facility Eng. Laboratory) (Reg)Matsuda Hiroyasu

11:4012:00Y309[Invited lecture] Maintenance planning that learns from damage (ESCC, CSCC) in continuous operation plants
(Tekken) Suzuki Shigeo


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