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SCEJ 88th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2023)

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Session programs : SS-4

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 1st). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants in Period I/II and invited persons are required.

SS-4 Challenges of Chemical Industry Aiming at Carbon Neutral -Toward Social Implementation of Hydrogen Supply Chains- (INCHEM TOKYO2021 follow-up talk session)

Organizer: Sawada Yuko (SCEJ)

Achieving carbon neutrality requires major changes in the chemical industry. In order to achieve carbon neutrality, it is necessary to transform the supply chain, which has hitherto been dependent on fossil resources, into a sustainable supply chain. This is both a big challenge and a big business opportunity. Therefore, in this session, following the previous INCHEM TOKYO exchange meeting, we will introduce the latest technology and hold a talk session with the theme of "social implementation of hydrogen supply chain".

Hall A, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall A(Bldg. 13, 4F L1341), Day 3(Mar. 17)
(9:00–9:05) (Chair: Murai Kouya)
(9:05–9:15) (Chair: Momose Toshiya)
9:059:15INCHEM TOKYO 2023 Information
(9:15–9:55) (Chair: Murai Kouya)
9:159:55A303[Invited lecture] Development of a new ammonia production process with high efficiency and low energy consumption
(Tsubame BHB) *Tanaka Manabu, Inoue Yasunori, Kase Kentaro, Yokoyama Toshiharu, (Mitsubishi Chemical) (Cor)Matsuo Takeshi, (Cor)Saito Makoto, (Cor)Tsutsuminai Susumu, (Cor)Aoshima Takayuki, (Cor)Setoyama Tohru
(9:55–10:25) (Chair: Tanaka Toshifumi)
9:5510:25A304[Invited lecture] Social Implementation of Clean Fuel Ammonia
(JGC Holdings) *(Reg)Mizuguchi Yoshihiro, (Cor)Kai Mototaka
Clean Fuel Ammonia
Ammonia Alliance Japan
Hydrogen Carrier
(10:25–10:55) (Chair: Murai Kouya)
10:2510:55A305[Invited lecture] Chiyoda's Initiatives to Establish a Hydrogen Supply Chain
(Chiyoda) (Cor)Okada Yoshimi
(10:55–11:55) (Chair: Tanaka Toshifumi)
10:5511:55Talk Session
Facilitator: (Shinshu U./X-Scientia) (Reg)Koyama Michihisa
(JGC Holdings) (Reg)Mizuguchi Yoshihiro, (Chiyoda) (Cor)Okada Yoshimi
(11:55–12:30) (Chair: Tanaka Toshifumi)
11:5512:30Business card exchange

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