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SCEJ 88th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2023)

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Session programs : SP-2

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 1st). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants in Period I/II and invited persons are required.

SP-2 [Special Symposium]
Perspectives of Startups based in Chemical Engineering

Organizers: Tokoro Chiharu (Waseda Univ./The Univ. of Tokyo), Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi (Tohoku Univ.), Goto Masahiro (Kyushu Univ.), Nishiyama Norikazu (Osaka Univ.), Matsuda Keigo (Yamagata Univ.), Koyama Michihisa (X-Scientia/Verne Crystal/Materials Innovation Tsukuba/Shinshu Univ.)

Expectations for startups are increasing as a key drivers for sustainable economic growth. The Japan's government has positioned 2022 as the "startup year for creating startups," and has announced a 5-year plan by the end of the year to increase the number of startups that are key to innovation by 10 times over the next five years.
Under these circumstances, expectations are rising not only for tech startups that utilize IT technology, but also for deep tech startups that solve deep-seated social issues with cutting-edge technology. A typical tech-startup aims for a few months development cycle, a market launch in a few years, and an IPO or M&A exit in about five years. On the other hand, deep tech startups face difficulties such as a long period of time to bring products to market, the capital required for development is more than an order of magnitude larger, mismatch between R&D personnel and management personnel, miscommunication between R&D personnel and investors, etc.
We organized this symposium to discuss the possibility of creating startups and changing society from the standpoint of the Society of Chemical Engineers, a place where academia with deep tech seeds gather.

Registration is FREE for participants attending only for the public sessions (SP-1, SP-2, and HC-11) as an audience (not as a speaker). See Details.

Hall Z, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall Z(Lecture Hall Bldg., L0026), Day 2(Mar. 16)
(13:00–15:10) (Chair: Koyama Michihisa)
13:0013:10Opening remark
(Shinshu U.) (Reg)Koyama Michihisa
13:1013:40Z214[Invited lecture] Challenge toward Building Deep-tech Startup Ecosytems in Japan
(JRI) Azuma Hironobu
13:4014:10Z215[Invited lecture] Prospects of Deep-tech Startups in Japan
(Plug and Play Japan) *Arai Narumi, Okubo Hayata
14:1014:40Z216[Invited lecture] Startup Ecosystem in Tsukuba
(Tsukuba City) Yashiro Tomoyuki
14:4015:10Z217[Invited lecture] "MIRAI LAB PALETTE" An Open Innovation Laboratory by Sumitomo
(Sumitomo) Kamakita Hinano
(15:20–16:40) (Chair: Matsuda Keigo)
15:2015:40Z220[Requested talk] Innovative technology from Tohoku University enable conversion of unused resources into food, cosmetics and fuel ~Toward the realization of a resource recycling society~
(Phytochemical Products) (Reg)Kato Makiko
Multi-production process
Ion-exchange Resin
15:4016:00Z221[Requested talk] Toward Injection-free World: Next Generation Transdermal Delivery Technology
(NOVIGO Pharma) (Reg)Goto Masahiro
Transdermal Delivery
16:0016:20Z222[Requested talk] Safe and Sustainable Water by Crystal Growth Technologies
(Verne Crystal) Tanaka Atsushi
Water Purification
Crystal Growth
Flux Method
16:2016:40Z223[Requested talk] Ultra-fast Power Storage Device Supporting Society 5.0
(MI Tsukuba) Tang Jie
Graphene Nanocomposite
(16:40–17:40) (Chair: Koyama Michihisa)
16:4017:40Panel discussion

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