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Free registration to Public sessions or IChES

In the 88th Annual Meeting, the following sessions are open to the public. Registration is FREE for participants attending only for those sessions as an audience (not as a speaker). Registration is also FREE for oversea audiences of IChES 2023 only. If any of the following conditions below apply, you must make Non-free Resitration.

Session list

Click the "Registration" link and complete your registration by 1 hour before the session start.

Topics Code Symposium Name Apply to Registration
SP-1 [Special Symposium] Action Plan 2050 Toward Carbon Neutrality Based on Chemical Engineering Audiences (ex.Speakers) Registration
SP-2 [Special Symposium] Perspectives of Startups based in Chemical Engineering Audiences (ex.Speakers) Registration
HC-11 Woman Engineers Forum Audiences (ex.Speakers) Registration
IChES 2023 (IS-1, K-1 to K-5) IChES 2023 Online Audiences from overseas (ex.Speakers) Registration


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