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The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 1st). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants in Period I/II and invited persons are required.

Session programs

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DivisionSession / Topics nameHallDay 0Day 1Day 2Day 3
CeremonyY9:00– 11:00
Award commemorative lectures of the SCEJ Awards
0-aThe SCEJ AwardY11:00– 12:00
0-dThe SCEJ Award for Outstanding Technological DevelopmentA12:40– 13:45
Chemical Engineering Vision Symposium
SV-1SCEJ Vision Symposium 11 - Chemical Engineering Contributing to Energy and Resource CirculationZ13:00– 17:00
Special Symposium
SP-1[Special Symposium] Action Plan 2050 Toward Carbon Neutrality Based on Chemical EngineeringZ13:00– 17:20
SP-2[Special Symposium] Perspectives of Startups based in Chemical EngineeringZ13:00– 17:40
SP-3[Special Symposium] Making the Sapporo Declaration in Action toward the Achievement of SDGs - Chemical Engineering for a Desired Future Society -X13:00– 17:00
Session organized by Industry
SS-1HQ Challenges of Chemical Industry Aiming at Carbon Neutral -Technical Trend for Non-fossil Resources-A9:00– 12:00
SS-2HQ Challenges of Chemical Industry Aiming at Carbon Neutral -The Potential of Ammonia to Contribute to a "Hydrogen Society" -B13:40– 17:20
SS-3HQ "Management Problems in the Chemical Industry" Discussion about the Chemical Industry toward 2050 -beyond Sustainable and to Regenerative-A13:45– 17:30
SS-4HQ Challenges of Chemical Industry Aiming at Carbon Neutral -Toward Social Implementation of Hydrogen Supply Chains- (INCHEM TOKYO2021 follow-up talk session)A9:00– 12:30
SS-5HQ Efforts to Utilize DX (Digital Transformation) to Create Vibrant and Sustainable On-Site CapabilitiesB10:15– 15:40
SS-6HQ Unit Operation Which Should Not be Forgotten -(Separation Technology for Sustainable Society)-A13:00– 15:40
SS-7HQ Efforts to Utilize DX (Digital Transformation) to Create Vibrant and Sustainable On-Site Capabilities (Poster)Q16:00– 17:30
SS-8HQ Unit Operation Which Should Not be Forgotten -(Separation Technology for Sustainable Society)- (Poster)Q16:00– 17:30
Chemical Industry Technology Forum
F-1MT Evaluation Remaining Life Under the Aging of Chemical Equipment, and Extending its Life by RepairY9:40– 12:00
International Symposium
K-1CR Sustainable Technologies from Various Chemical Reaction Engineering PerspectivesC12:50– 17:10
K-2SI Recent Developments on Process Systems EngineeringD12:55– 17:20
K-3MI Organic/Inorganic Thin Film Processing for Applications to Electronic and Energy DevicesC8:45– 12:50
K-4BE Biomedical Engineering Challenges toward Intractable DiseasesC13:20– 16:20
K-5IE The 11th Japan-China Symposium on Chemical EngineeringC10:00– 17:00
IChES 2023 General session
IS-1IChES 2023 General sessionD9:00– 14:20
Session organized by Center/Committee etc.
HC-11GE Women Engineer's ForumY13:00– 16:40
HC-12CC Symposium of the Working Committee on CCUSZ9:00– 12:00
Session organized by Headquarters/Branches
HQ-21HQ BR How Young Researchers Are Thinking about Future Research on Chemical EngineeringR13:05– 15:55
Division programs / Other programs
X-51HT EE The Challenge of Reducing CO2 Emissions through the Integration of Thermal Energy TechnologiesE13:15– 16:15
X-52FP Particle Fluid Process SeminarH13:00– 16:15
General session
1PR Fundamental propertiesG13:20– 16:40
2FP Fluid & particle processingH9:00– 12:009:00– 17:00
3HT Thermal engineeringE10:00– 11:40
4SP Separation processesG13:20– 17:009:00– 17:009:00– 11:40
5CR Chemical reaction engineeringF12:40– 17:009:00– 17:0012:40– 17:00
6SI Systems, information, and simulation technologiesI13:20– 16:409:00– 11:20
7BE Biochemical engineering (2 Halls)J13:00– 17:00
I9:00– 17:00
8SF Supercritical fluidE13:00– 17:20
9EE Energy engineeringE9:00– 17:00
11EL ElectronicsI13:20– 14:00
12MI Materials engineering & interfacial phenomenaJ9:00– 17:009:00– 17:00
13EN Environmental engineeringD9:00– 14:40
14Wide areaI11:20– 11:40
General Session (Poster)
PS-AMI EN Poster Session AP13:20– 15:20
PS-BBE EL Poster Session BP9:20– 11:20
PS-CFP SI EE SA Poster Session CP13:20– 15:20
PS-DPR HT CR SF Poster Session DP9:20– 11:20
PS-ESP Poster Session EP13:20– 15:20

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