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SCEJ 88th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2023)

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Hall and day program : Hall I, Day 2

The preprints(abstracts) are now open (Mar. 1st). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants in Period I/II and invited persons are required.

Hall I(Lecture Hall Bldg., 3F L0032), Day 2(Mar. 16)

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Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
6. Systems, information, and simulation technologies
(9:00–10:00) (Chair: Oishi Takuya, Kim Sanghong)
9:009:20I201Modeling cell metabolic shifts in cultivation processes for monoclonal antibody production
(UTokyo) *(Stu)Okamura K., (Int)Badr S., (Reg·SPCE)Yamada A., (Reg)Sugiyama H.
Lactate consumption
Hybrid modeling
9:209:40I202Solvent selection based on solvent recycling to improve chemical process
(AIST) *(Reg)Yamaki Takehiro, (Reg)Nguyen Thuy, (Reg)Hara Nobuo, (Reg)Taniguchi Satoshi, (Reg)Kataoka Sho
Solvent selection
Process design
Solvent recycling
9:4010:00I203Model-based characterization and evaluation of batch and flow syntheses in drug substance manufacturing
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Kim Junu, (Reg)Sugiyama Hirokazu
Design space
Kinetic model
Hybrid model
(10:20–11:20) (Chair: Yamaki Takehiro)
10:2010:40I205Proposal of a method to improve the performance of MSPC by appropriate standardization of input variables and its application to continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing
(Powrex/TUAT) *(Reg)Oishi Takuya, (Powrex) (Reg)Nagato Takuya, (TUAT) (Reg)Kim Sanghong
Multivariate Statistical Process Control
Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Wet Granulation
10:4011:00I206A comprehensive design approach for injectable manufacturing processes considering new technologies and operational aspects
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Yamada Masahiro, (Reg)Hayashi Yusuke, (Int)Badr Sara, (Shionogi Pharma) (Cor)Zenitani Kenichi, (Cor)Kubota Kokichi, (Reg)Nakanishi Hayao, (U. Tokyo) (Reg)Sugiyama Hirokazu
Process design
Multiobjective evaluation
Pareto frontier
11:0011:20I207[Featured presentation] Prediction of Olefin Metathesis Reactivity Using Machine-Learning Model
(Zeon) *(Reg)Nagaoka Masahiro, (Cor)Taira Kanako
olefin metathesis
catalytic reaction
14. Wide area
(11:20–11:40) (Chair: Hayashi Yusuke)
11:2011:40I208Practice of chemistry-related educational events under the coexistence with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and analysis of request trends in the practice results
(TMCIT) *(Reg)Tamura Kenji, (KOSUGI) Watanabe Sachiko
chemistry-related educational events
with the new coronavirus (COVID-19)
new life stile
11. Electronics
(13:20–14:00) (Chair: Koike Osamu, Tamura Kenji)
13:2013:40I214Study of filler dispersion and thermal conduction mechanism of thermal grease
(Sumitomo Metal Mining) *(Cor)Ogawa Takahiro, (Cor)Kashiwaya Satoshi, (Cor)Ueda Takahiro
thermal grease
thermal conduction
Interfacial thermal resistance
13:4014:00I215Investigating the possibility of sintering Cu paste at low temperature -2nd report-
(Sumitomo Metal Mining) *(Cor)Hanzawa Kazuki, (Cor)Kashiwaya Satoshi
Cu paste

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