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Important Notice [Japanese]

Possibility of Online Meeting

Notice on the Venue of the Meeting

Depending on the future situation of coronavirus (COVID-19), The SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting was decided to be a virtual (on-line) meeting. All events at the venue (Iwate University) including Banquet was cancelled. Ceremony and Symposia will be held on the internet using a videoconference system (Zoom). Therefore all participants (incl. speakers, audiences and chairs) must prepare Zoom to use. See Announcements about the Venue of the Meeting page for details.

Guideline about Venue of the 51st Autumn Meeting is here.

Depending on the future situation of coronavirus (COVID-19), The SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting, which will be held at Iwate University, 24-26th, September 2020, might be changed to an Online Meeting or an online/a physical meeting at the conference venue together.

- Use videoconference system (such as Zoom, Teams) only for registered participants and invited speakers.

- Speaker, participants, chairs, and staffs will join the session individually and deliver the presentation materials (slides) and audio via the network.

- In poster presentations, we will provide the way for the speaker to interact with the audience during the designated time while delivering the presentation materials.


- All participants must prepare to use the videoconference system ((built-in or attached) camera and microphone are required; headset microphone is preferred).

- Recording are prohibited in general.

- Presentation is considered as "automatic public transmission". The speaker is responsible for this.

Please answer the question "Can it be presented also in Online Meeting?" on the Application form.
If you have any requests, please write in the "Remark" box on the Application form.

* A screenshot of the Application form (part)

Your safety is our foremost priority at The SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting, 2020, Morioka.

Re-presentation of the presentation published on the 85th Annual Meeting

All accepted presentations of the 85th Annual Meeting are certified to be presented at the meeting, but can be re-presented at the 51st Autumn Meeting. (Invited lectures and Requested talks can be re-presented also at the 86th Annual Meeting.)

1) The Presentation Style (Poster/Oral) can be changed.

2) The Authors (include the order) must be identical to those of the original presentation, but the Speaker can be changed within the original authors. The Affiliation and the Membership can be updated. The Applicant can be changed freely.

3) Both the Title and the Preprint(Abstract) must be identical to those of the original presentation, but a footnote "Presented on the 85th Annual Meeting." must be added on the Preprint(Abstract) manuscript.

4) No re-presentation are allowed at any other meeting.

In this case, please use Application form for Re-presentation. If this form is used, the form will be filled the data of original application (the 85th Annual Meeting). (The Ackn. No. and Password for original (85th Annual Meeting) application are required; You can use the application search and the password reminder.)