International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2023

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List of chairs

All sessions of the IChES are Oral sessions and these can be atteded at on-site and also via online.
Registered participants (Period I/II) and invited persons can view the abstracts using ID/PW.

Topics codes and Paper IDs are linked to the programs of the session.

Chair list by session | Chair list by name

Chair list by session

HallDayTimeTopics codeChairPaper ID
C113:0013:40K-1Chair: Uemiya ShigeyukiC113
C113:4014:10K-1Chair: Fujitsuka HiroyasuC115
C114:1014:40K-1Chair: Nakagawa KeizoC116
C115:0015:30K-1Chair: Muranaka YosukeC119
C115:3016:00K-1Chair: Hirota YuichiroC120
C116:0016:30K-1Chair: Asano SyusakuC122
C116:3017:00K-1Chair: Goshima TakashiC123
C29:0010:20K-3Chair: Yamamura MasatoC201–C203
C210:4012:00K-3Chair: Komoda YoshiyukiC206–C208
C212:0012:40K-3Chair: Inoue GenC210
C213:2016:20K-4Chair: Kawahara MasahiroC214–C221
C310:0010:20K-5Chair: Hirasawa IzumiC303–C304
C310:2012:00K-5Chair: Guan Guoqing, Xing XinhuiC305–C308
C313:0014:40K-5Chair: Yoshimi Yasuo, Zhao ZhenC313–C316
C315:0016:40K-5Chair: Kansha Yasuki, Liu ZhongwenC319–C322
C316:4017:00K-5Chair: Sakai YujiC323
D113:0014:40K-2Chair: Yamashita Yoshiyuki, Foo Dominic C.Y.D113–D117
D115:0017:20K-2Chair: Yamashita Yoshiyuki, Foo Dominic C.Y.D119–D125
D39:009:40IS-1Chair: Guan GuoqingD301–D302
D39:4010:20IS-1Chair: Orita YasuhikoD303–D304
D310:4011:20IS-1Chair: Horiguchi IkkiD306–D307
D311:2012:00IS-1Chair: Cao Kiet_Le_AnhD308–D309
D313:0013:40IS-1Chair: Sotowa Ken-IchiroD313–D314
D313:4014:20IS-1Chair: Nguyen ThuyD315–D316

Chair list by name

ChairPaper ID
Asano SyusakuC122
Cao Kiet_Le_AnhD308–D309
Foo Dominic C.Y.D113–D117, D119–D125
Fujitsuka HiroyasuC115
Goshima TakashiC123
Guan GuoqingD301–D302, C305–C308
Hirasawa IzumiC303–C304
Hirota YuichiroC120
Horiguchi IkkiD306–D307
Inoue GenC210
Kansha YasukiC319–C322
Kawahara MasahiroC214–C221
Komoda YoshiyukiC206–C208
Liu ZhongwenC319–C322
Muranaka YosukeC119
Nakagawa KeizoC116
Nguyen ThuyD315–D316
Orita YasuhikoD303–D304
Sakai YujiC323
Sotowa Ken-IchiroD313–D314
Uemiya ShigeyukiC113
Xing XinhuiC305–C308
Yamamura MasatoC201–C203
Yamashita YoshiyukiD113–D117, D119–D125
Yoshimi YasuoC313–C316
Zhao ZhenC313–C316

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