International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2023

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Session programs

All sessions of the IChES are Oral sessions and these can be atteded at on-site and also via online.
Registered participants (Period I/II) and invited persons can view the abstracts using ID/PW.

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Symposium list sorted by divisions is here.

K (K-1 - K-5) | IS (IS-1) 

K. International Symposium
K-1CRSustainable Technologies from Various Chemical Reaction Engineering Perspectives
K-2SIRecent Developments on Process Systems Engineering
K-3MIOrganic/Inorganic Thin Film Processing for Applications to Electronic and Energy Devices
K-4BEBiomedical Engineering Challenges toward Intractable Diseases
K-5IEThe 11th Japan-China Symposium on Chemical Engineering
IS. General session
IS-1General session

Technical program
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Session programs
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