International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2023

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Session programs : K-1

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K-1 Sustainable Technologies from Various Chemical Reaction Engineering Perspectives

Organizers: Momose Takeshi (The Univ. of Tokyo), Horie Takafumi (Osaka Metropolitan Univ.), Nakagawa Keizo (Kobe Univ.), Watanabe Ryo (Shizuoka Univ.), Matsune Hideki (Miyazaki Univ.), Taniya Keita (Kobe Univ.), Muranaka Yosuke (Kyoto Univ.), Fujitsuka Hiroyasu (Kyoto Univ.), Hirota Yuichiro (Nagoya Inst. of Tech.), Goshima Takashi (Kagoshima Univ.), Asano Shusaku (Kyushu Univ.), Fujiwara Kakeru (Yamagata Univ.), Hiromori Kousuke (Tohoku Univ.)

The field of chemical reaction engineering has in common process engineering, the manipulation of chemical reactions, and a variety of technologies are used and studied that are not found in other fields. In order to bring sustainable development to the next generation of chemical engineering, it is necessary to create synergy with these new technologies. In this international symposium, young researchers from Japan and other Asian countries will discuss the future of chemical reaction engineering from the viewpoints of their respective research fields, with "sustainable technology" as the keyword.

Hall C, Day 1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall C(Lecture Hall Bldg., 1F L0013), Day 1(Mar. 15)
12:5012:55Introducing APCChE (Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering) and APCChE Congress
(APCChE President) Vines Maricris
12:5513:00Opening remark
(Gifu U.) (Reg)Uemiya Shigeyuki
(13:00–13:40) (Chair: Uemiya Shigeyuki)
13:0013:40C113[The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer] Rational Design of Catalytic and Energy Materials: from Computation Modeling to Experimental Validation
(POSTECH) Han Jeong Woo
Metal oxide catalyst
Density functional theory
(13:40–14:10) (Chair: Fujitsuka Hiroyasu)
13:4014:10C115[Invited lecture] Oxidative Conversion of Methane and Ethane in Solid-state Electrolysis Cells
(Hokkaido U.) (Reg)Kikuchi Ryuji
Cesium Hydrogen Phosphate
Yttria-stabilized Zirconia
Strontium Titanate
(14:10–14:40) (Chair: Nakagawa Keizo)
14:1014:40C116[Invited lecture] In-situ growth of MIL-88B(Fe,Co) for photocatalytic membrane reactor with high permeance flux and phenol removal efficiency
(NTUST) Hu Chechia
Photocatalytic membrane reactor
(15:00–15:30) (Chair: Muranaka Yosuke)
15:0015:30C119[Invited lecture] Continuous-flow setups for sustainable biocatalytic and photocatalytic processes
(Burapha U.) *Weeranoppanant Nopphon, Khositanon Chetsada, (VISTEC) Buttranon Supacha, Naramittanakul Apisit
Flow chemistry
Sustainable process
Catalytic process
(15:30–16:00) (Chair: Hirota Yuichiro)
15:3016:00C120[Invited lecture] CO2 hydrogenation membrane reactor with zeolite membrane
(Waseda U.) *(Reg)Sakai Motomu, (Stu)Tanaka Kyoka, (Stu)Chihara Naoto, (Reg)Matsukata Masahiko
membrane reactor
(16:00–16:30) (Chair: Asano Syusaku)
16:0016:30C122[Invited lecture] Reaction mechanism of mist CVD
(Kochi U. Tech.) Kawaharamura Toshiyuki
mist CVD
functional thin film fabrication technology
growth mechanism
(16:30–17:00) (Chair: Goshima Takashi)
16:3017:00C123[Invited lecture] Sonochemistry and Environmental Engineering Applications
(Kumoh Nat. Inst. Tech. (KIT)) Son Younggyu
17:0017:10Closing remark
(U. Tokyo) (Reg)Momose Takeshi

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