International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2023

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Session programs : K-3

All sessions of the IChES are Oral sessions and these can be atteded at on-site and also via online.
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K-3 Organic/Inorganic Thin Film Processing for Applications to Electronic and Energy Devices

Organizers: Tsuji Yoshiko (UTokyo), Komoda Yoshiyuki (Kobe Univ.), Inoue Gen (Kyushu Univ.)

This symposium will focus on coating technology and applications. We will invite Prof. Cheng-Liang Liu of National Taiwan University who has won the 2022 SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer for the keynote lecture of this symposium. We will also invite researchers working on processing of electronic, optoelectronic, and energy storage devices.
Interactive comments on each lecture will be available during the symposium through GOING VIRTUAL. We hope this symposium will be fruitful and contribute to the promotion of interdisciplinary research and academic development in the materials and processing.

Hall C, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall C(Lecture Hall Bldg., 1F L0013), Day 2(Mar. 16)
8:459:00Opening remark
(9:00–10:20) (Chair: Yamamura Masato)
9:009:40C201[Invited lecture] Development of high-efficiency perovskite solar cells by solution printing processes
(Toin U. Yokohama) Miyasaka Tsutomu
Energy conversion efficiency
9:4010:20C203[The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer] Solution-Processable Organic Semiconductors for Electronic and Thermoelectric Application
(Nat. Taiwan U.) Liu Cheng-Liang
organic semiconductors
organic electronics
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Komoda Yoshiyuki)
10:4011:20C206[Invited lecture] Development of 3rd generation mist CVD system
(Kochi U. Tech.) *Kawaharamura Toshiyuki, Liu Li
Mist CVD
oxide thin film fabrication
thin film devices
11:2012:00C208[Invited lecture] Materials and processes for efficient charge injection into organic light-emitting diodes
(NHK STRL) *Fukagawa Hirohiko, Oono Taku, Sasaki Tsubasa, Okada Takuya, Shimizu Takahisa
acceptor molecule
electron affinity
(12:00–12:40) (Chair: Inoue Gen)
12:0012:40C210[Invited lecture] Fabrication of Cathode Catalyst Layer by use of Electrospray Method on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells and Development of Multi-Nozzle Electrospray Device
(U. Yamanashi) *Uchida Makoto, Tamoto Kayoko, Sugiyama Tomio, (U. Yamanashi/Meiko) Yoneyama Chisami, (Meiko) Taguchi Chihiro, Yoneyama Shimao, (Mizuho R&T) Miyamoto Yuhei
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
12:4012:50Closing remark

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