International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2023

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Invited lectures, Requested talks

All sessions of the IChES are Oral sessions and these can be atteded at on-site and also via online.
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Invited lecture

Day 1(Mar. 15), Hall C(Lecture Hall Bldg., 1F L0013)
C115 “Oxidative Conversion of Methane and Ethane in Solid-state Electrolysis Cells” (13:40– 14:10)

(Hokkaido U.) Kikuchi Ryuji
C116 “In-situ growth of MIL-88B(Fe,Co) for photocatalytic membrane reactor with high permeance flux and phenol removal efficiency” (14:10– 14:40)

(NTUST) Hu Chechia
C119 “Continuous-flow setups for sustainable biocatalytic and photocatalytic processes” (15:00– 15:30)

(Burapha U.) *Weeranoppanant Nopphon, Khositanon Chetsada, (VISTEC) Buttranon Supacha, Naramittanakul Apisit
C120 “CO2 hydrogenation membrane reactor with zeolite membrane” (15:30– 16:00)

(Waseda U.) *Sakai Motomu, Tanaka Kyoka, Chihara Naoto, Matsukata Masahiko
C122 “Reaction mechanism of mist CVD” (16:00– 16:30)

(Kochi U. Tech.) Kawaharamura Toshiyuki
C123 “Sonochemistry and Environmental Engineering Applications” (16:30– 17:00)

(Kumoh Nat. Inst. Tech. (KIT)) Son Younggyu
Day 1(Mar. 15), Hall D(Lecture Hall Bldg., 1F L0012)
D115 “Application of PSE into social challenges” (13:40– 14:00)

(U. Tokyo) Kikuchi Yasunori
D116 “The role of data-driven and hybrid modeling in biopharmaceutical manufacturing” (14:00– 14:20)

(U. Tokyo) Badr Sara
D117 “Design of New Energy Harvesting Technologies for Cyber-Physical Systems” (14:20– 14:40)

(U. Tokyo) *Kansha Yasuki, Kiyomoto Hikaru, Sakai Yuka
D119 “Process Integration for Carbon Management Network” (15:00– 15:40)

(U. Nottingham Malaysia) *Foo Dominic C. Y., (DLSU) Tan Raymond R.
D121 “Synthesis and development of combined carbon capture and conversion processes” (15:40– 16:00)

(Tohoku U.) Fukushima Yasuhiro
D122 “Optimal Synthesis of Site-wide Water Networks” (16:00– 16:20)

(Nat. Taipei U. Tech.) Kurkrit Noomahun, Yeh Yu-Chi, *Lee Jui-Yuan
D123 “Prospects of Energy & Process Integration to Enhance the Process Operability” (16:20– 16:40)

(VIT U.) Kiran Bandaru
D124 “Graph theory approach to data-driven energy planning” (16:40– 17:00)

(Radbouf U.) Sin Yong Teng
D125 “An Algebraic Targeting Approach for Decarbonization Cost Calculation” (17:00– 17:20)

(De La Salle U.) *Migo-Sumagang Maria Victoria, Aviso Kathleen, Tan Raymond, (U. Nottingham Malaysia) Foo Dominic
Day 2(Mar. 16), Hall C(Lecture Hall Bldg., 1F L0013)
C201 “Development of high-efficiency perovskite solar cells by solution printing processes” (9:00– 9:40)

(Toin U. Yokohama) Miyasaka Tsutomu
C206 “Development of 3rd generation mist CVD system” (10:40– 11:20)

(Kochi U. Tech.) *Kawaharamura Toshiyuki, Liu Li
C208 “Materials and processes for efficient charge injection into organic light-emitting diodes” (11:20– 12:00)

(NHK STRL) *Fukagawa Hirohiko, Oono Taku, Sasaki Tsubasa, Okada Takuya, Shimizu Takahisa
C210 “Fabrication of Cathode Catalyst Layer by use of Electrospray Method on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells and Development of Multi-Nozzle Electrospray Device” (12:00– 12:40)

(U. Yamanashi) *Uchida Makoto, Tamoto Kayoko, Sugiyama Tomio, (U. Yamanashi/Meiko) Yoneyama Chisami, (Meiko) Taguchi Chihiro, Yoneyama Shimao, (Mizuho R&T) Miyamoto Yuhei
C214 “Deciphering the cytoplasmic delivery mechanism of extracellular vesicles for drug delivery application” (13:20– 13:50)

(Osaka U./U. Washington) Somiya Masaharu
C215 “Nanowire devices for extracellular vesicle analysis” (13:50– 14:20)

(Nagoya U./JST) Yasui Takao
Day 3(Mar. 17), Hall C(Lecture Hall Bldg., 1F L0013)
C305 “Cryo-DAC® An alternative direct air capture with liquid absorbent and LNG cold energy” (10:20– 10:45)

(Nagoya U.) Norinaga Koyo
C306 “CRISPRi screening as a powerful tool for the functional genomic mining of industrial microbes” (10:45– 11:10)

(Tsinghua U.) Zhang Chong
C307 “The Implementation of the process risk analysis technology in the chemical process safety assessment” (11:10– 11:35)

(Mitsubishi Chemical) Mizuta Yuto
C308 “Nano-structured Cu-based catalysts for efficient conversion of syngas to oxygenated compounds” (11:35– 12:00)

(Tianjin U.) Ma Xinbin
C313 “DX challenge for designing consistent process for cell-based product manufacturing” (13:00– 13:25)

(Nagoya U.) Kato Ryuji
C314 “Design and fabrication of ceramic membrane for biological product manufacturing” (13:25– 13:50)

(Nanjing Tech U.) *Qiu Minghui, Fan Yiqun
C315 “Design and engineering of antibody fragments for sensitive immunodiagnostics” (13:50– 14:15)

(Kyoto Inst. Tech.) Kumada Yoichi
C316 “Catalyst development for hydrogen production via steam reforming of dimethyl ether” (14:15– 14:40)

(Shaanxi Normal U.) Liu Zhongwen
C319 “Evaluation of the performances and economics of thermal energy storage fluidized bed reactor integrated with a biomass power plant” (15:00– 15:25)

(TUAT) Fushimi Chihiro
C320 “Pore chemistry and structure control in microporous materials for gas separation” (15:25– 15:50)

(Zhejiang U.) Xing Huabin
C321 “Contribution of heat storage process to energy recovery” (15:50– 16:15)

(Panasonic) Machida Hironobu
C322 “Study on the application of a pressurized rotary screw reactor to Fe-catalyzed methane pyrolysis for hydrogen production” (16:15– 16:40)

(Shenyang U. Chem. Tech.) Zhang Zhanguo

Requested talk

Day 2(Mar. 16), Hall C(Lecture Hall Bldg., 1F L0013)
C217 “Enzyme-reactive supramolecular peptide fibers for potential vaccine applications” (14:20– 14:50)

(Kyushu U.) Wakabayashi Rie
C219 “Preparation of redox phospholipid polymers for cancer therapy” (15:10– 15:40)

(Nagoya U.) Kaneko Masahiro

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