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SCEJ 50th Autumn Meeting (Kagoshima, 2018)

Session programs : SY-59

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SY-59 [Symposium of Division of Separation Processes]
(3) Industrial Separation Technologies (Poster Session)

Organizer: Kawakita Hidetaka (Saga Univ.)

Hall P, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall P(Student Community Plaza 2F Study Lounge 2,3,4), Day 3(Sep. 20)
(9:30–12:00) (Chair: Kawakita Hidetaka)
9:3012:00PA381Approach to the High Recovery RO Water Purifier
(Toray Industries) *(Cor·PCEF)Yoshidomi Shinichiro, (Cor)Hanada Shigehisa, (Cor)Okamoto Yoshiki, (Cor)Okabe Jun, (Cor)Akshay Garg, (Cor)Kimura Masahiro
Reverse Osmosis
Concentration Polarization
PA382Biofuel production by Shochu waste slurry treatment plant combined with re-fermentation, distillation and solid-liquid separation
(U. Miyazaki) *(Reg)Oizumi Yurika, (Anabuki Kagajyo) Ikeda Hayato, (U. Miyazaki) (Reg)Shiomori Koichiro
Shochu waste slurry
Biofuel production
Treatment plant

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