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SCEJ 50th Autumn Meeting (Kagoshima, 2018)

Session programs : ST-26

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ST-26 [Trans-Division Symposium]
Novel Development in Batteries, Fuel Cells, Solar Cells and Other Energy Conversion/ Storage Technologies -From Nano Design to System Design- (Oral session)

Organizer: Tsujiguchi Takuya (Kanazawa Univ.), Nakagaki Takao (Waseda Univ.), Tamaki Takanori (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Ishitobi Hirokazu (Gunma Univ.), Saito Takeyasu (Osaka Pref. Univ.), Nakao Takato (Toyo Engineering)

This symposium covers researches on secondary batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, and other energy conversion/storage technologies. Topic include materials, devices, processes, and systems. In addition to standard presentations, we will have time for "general discussion" on how to contribute the chemical engineering in from material design to system design. This symposium consists of two sessions: an oral session and a poster session. In the poster session, excellent presentation by students will be awarded.

Hall EG, Day 1 | Hall EG, Day 2 | Hall EG, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall EG(General Education Building Three 3F 331), Day 1(Sep. 18)
(10:00–11:00) (Chair: Kosaka Fumihiko)
10:0010:20EG104Research for Steam and Carbon Dioxide Electrolysis using Solid Oxide Cells for Methane Synthesis and Prospect
(AIST) *(Reg)Tanaka Yohei, Kato Tohru
high temperature electrolysis
methane synthesis
10:2010:40EG105Influence of transport properties in solid oxide fuel cells with proton-conducting lanthanum tungstate
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Kojo Gen, (Tokyo Gas) (Reg)Matsuzaki Yoshio, (U. Tokyo) Matsuo Hiroki, (Reg)Otomo Junichiro
lanthanum tungsten oxide
proton conductor
10:4011:00EG106Installation of carbon nanotube synthesis into solid oxide fuel cell
(Tokyo Tech) *(Reg)Hasegawa Kei, (Stu)Hosoda Mankichi, (Reg)Ihara Manabu
solid oxide fuel cell
carbon nanotube
direct growth
(11:00–12:00) (Chair: Nakagaki Takao)
11:0012:00EG107[Invited lecture] Development of Energy Systems using Hydrogen from Renewable Energy
(Toshiba) (Cor)Yoshino Masato
Renewable Energy
Hydrogen Energy System
High Temperature Electrolysis
(13:00–14:00) (Chair: Tsujiguchi Takuya)
13:0013:20EG113Strategy for Suppressing Water Uptake in High IEC Anion Exchange Membranes with Thermally Convertible Polymer System
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Graha Hafis Pratama Rendra, (KISTEC/Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Ando Shinji, (Tokyo Tech/JST-CREST) (Reg)Miyanishi Shoji, (Reg)Yamaguchi Takeo
Water uptake
Solid alkaline fuel cells
Aromatic backbone
13:2013:40EG114Engineering Palladium Nanocatalysts as High Efficient Anode Catalysts for Alkaline Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells (DAFCs)
(Tokyo Tech/JST-CREST) *(Reg)Sasidharan Sankar, (Noritake/JST-CREST) Gopinathan Anilkumar, (Tokyo Tech) (Stu)Watanabe Naoto, (Tokyo Tech/JST-CREST) (Reg)Tamaki Takanori, (Reg)Yamaguchi Takeo
Alkaline Fuel Cell
Anode Catalyst
Ethanol Oxidation Reaction
13:4014:00EG115Design and synthesis of highly durable aromatic anion exchange membrane for solid-state alkaline fuel cell application
(Tokyo Tech/JST-CREST) *(Reg)Miyanishi Shoji, (KISTEC/Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Kuroki Hidenori, (Tokyo Tech) Sakakibara Ayaka, (Tokyo Tech/JST-CREST) (Reg)Yamaguchi Takeo
Anion exchange membrane
Fuel cell
Molecular design
(14:00–14:40) (Chair: Oshiba Yuhei)
14:0014:20EG116Analysis and current-voltage characteristic for air-oxidized electrode material of a redox flow battery
(Gunma U.) *(Reg)Ishitobi Hirokazu, (Stu·PCEF)Sugawara Satoshi, (Stu·PCEF)Oba Kosuke, Hirano Takumi, (Stu)Doki Honoka, (Stu)Handa Yusuke, (Reg)Nakagawa Nobuyoshi
Vanadium redox flow battery
Air oxidation
Reaction resistance
14:2014:40EG117Electrode designing for direct formic acid fuel cell using fibrous catalyst
(Kanazawa U.) *(Reg)Tsujiguchi Takuya, (Reg)Osaka Yugo, (Reg)Kodama Akio
Direct formic acid fuel cell
Mass transport
Catalyst layer
Hall EG(General Education Building Three 3F 331), Day 2(Sep. 19)
(9:00–10:20) (Chair: Inoue Gen, Nakao Takato)
9:009:20EG201Proposition of carbon-air secondary battery system for large-scale energy storage
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Kameda K., (Reg)Hasegawa K., (Reg)Ihara M.
Secondary battery
Solid oxide fuel cell
9:209:40EG202SiO2/C composite fibers with high SiO2 content as anode material for Li-ion battery prepared by electrospinning with heat treatment
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Belgibayeva Ayaulym, (Reg)Taniguchi Izumi
Lithium ion battery
9:4010:00EG203Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of the Positive Electrode Materials for Li-ion Batteries by the Classification Process
(Sumitomo Metal Mining) *(Cor)Kaneda Haruki, (Cor)Ando Takaaki, (Cor)Koshika Yuki, (Cor)Nagata Hiroaki
powder classification
positive electrode materials
10:0010:20EG204Effect of infusibilization of polyacrylonitrile fiber on capacitor performance
(Osaka Pref. U.) Sakai Yuta, *(Reg)Muto Akinori
electric double layer capacitor
polyacrylonitrile fiber
stabilization under air
(10:40–11:40) (Chair: Tsujiguchi Takuya)
10:4011:40EG206[Invited lecture] Importance of interfaces in solid-state batteries
(NIMS) Takada Kazunori
Solid-state battery
11:4012:00General discussion
(13:00–14:00) (Chair: Hasegawa Kei)
13:0013:20EG213Change in internal resistance of lithium ion batteries analyzed by discharging EIS and numerical calculation
(Waseda U.) *(Stu)Sugawara K., (Reg)Nakagaki T.
Reaction Resistance
Electric Double Layer
Solid Electrolyte Interface(SEI)
13:2013:40EG214Synthesis of high voltage olivine cathode materials for lithium ion batteries by spray pyrolysis and their cell performance
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Li Ye, (Reg)Taniguchi Izumi
Lithium ion batteries
Spray pyrolysis
13:4014:00EG215Numerical analysis of discharge characteristics of a LiFePO4/Graphite Lithium-ion Battery
(Keisoku Eng. Sys.) (Cor)Tong Lizhu
LiFePO4/Graphite lithium-ion battery
Electrode reaction and battery discharge characteristics
Numerical simulation
Hall EG(General Education Building Three 3F 331), Day 3(Sep. 20)
(9:00–10:00) (Chair: Saito Takeyasu)
9:009:20EG301Correlation between TiO2 roughness and perovskite grain size effect on solar cell performance
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Nukunudompanich Methawee, (Stu)Suzuki Kazuma, (Reg)Hasegawa Kei, (Reg)Ihara Manabu
Solar cell
grain size
9:209:40EG302Investigation of 2-dimentional crystal growth and analysis of perovskite light absorbing layer cell for tandem solar cell
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Suzuki K., (Reg)Hasegawa K., (Reg)Ihara M.
Solar Cell
9:4010:00EG303Performance of dye-sensitized solar cells with reversible gel electrolyte solutions
(Chiba U.) (Reg)Hirose Yuji
Dye-sensitized solar cell
reversible gel
(10:20–11:00) (Chair: Fukunaga Hiroshi)
10:2010:40EG305Evaluation of Cathode Catalytic Activity for Efficient Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
(Kyoto U.) *(Reg)Heggo Dalia, (Stu·PCEF)Murase Kanata, (Int)Balci Beste, (Reg)Kageyama Miho, (Reg)Yamaguchi Kazuhiro, (Reg)Kawase Motoaki
Catalytic activity
10:4011:00EG306Effect of water permeation through PEM on oxygen transport in the cathode catalyst layer of polymer electrolyte fuel cell
(Kyoto U.) *(Reg)Kageyama Miho, (Stu·PCEF)Iijima Yuta, (Reg)Yamaguchi Kazuhiro, (Reg)Kawase Motoaki
polymer electrolyte fuel cell
water permeation
oxygen transport
(11:00–12:00) (Chair: Tamaki Takanori)
11:0012:00EG307[Invited lecture] Recent progress on analysis methods for PEFCs: Correlations between structures and properties in a catalyst layer
(Nissan Arc) Imai Hideto
Polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Synchrotron radiation x-rays
Electron microscopy
(13:00–14:20) (Chair: Ishitobi Hirokazu, Nishimura Akira)
13:0013:20EG313Connected Platinum-Iron Nanoparticle Catalyst with Enhanced Chemical Ordering for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
(KISTEC/Tokyo Tech) *(Reg)Kuroki Hidenori, (Tokyo Tech) Fujita Ryosuke, (KISTEC/Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Tamaki Takanori, (Reg)Yamaguchi Takeo
Oxygen reduction reaction
13:2013:40EG314Analysis of structure and transport of porous material for PEFC (2) Analysis of liquid water network formed by liquid water injection into gas diffusion layer for PEFC using X-ray computed tomography
(Toyota Central R&D Lab.) *(Reg)Kato Satoru, (Cor)Yamaguchi Satoshi, (Cor)Kato Akihiko, (Cor)Matuoka Yoriko, (Cor)Nagai Yasutaka, (Cor)Suzuki Takahisa
Porous material
X-ray CT
13:4014:00EG315Analysis of structure and transport of porous material for PEFC (3) Visualization of liquid water transport by pressure-induced injection into gas diffusion layer for PEFC using X-ray high-speed computed tomography
(Toyota Central R&D Lab.) *(Cor)Yamaguchi Satoshi, (Reg)Kato Satoru, (Cor)Kato Akihiko, (Cor)Matuoka Yoriko, (Cor)Nagai Yasutaka, (Cor)Suzuki Takahisa
Porous material
X-ray CT
14:0014:20EG316Measurement method of intrinsic reaction rate constant of oxygen reduction reaction by using Pt-sputtered electrode in PEFC
(Kyoto U.) *(Stu·PCEF)Murase K., (Stu·PCEF)Makino Y., (Stu·PCEF)Iijima Y., (Reg)Yamaguchi K., (Reg)Kageyama M., (Reg)Kawase M.
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
oxygen reduction reaction
Pt-sputtered electrode

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