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SCEJ 48th Autumn Meeting (Tokushima, 2016)

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Technical program

The third-day program of ST-12 (Hall D) was partly changed. ST-12 Program (The yellow-backed area is affected.)
  1. This program is based on the application data.
  2. If you get a problematic PDF view with the internal viewer, please use the Adobe Reader.
    (If you are using Firefox, Menu button → Options → Applications → Portable Document Format (PDF) → Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox) or Use Adobe Reader.)
  3. Abstract can be viewed by clicking the Paper ID. (ID/PW issued for the meeting participants are required.)
  4. The SCEJ personal members can use:
    MY PROGRAM list (Favorite list), ZIP download of abstracts, Access to the session abstract
    see: [SCEJ Member login]

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SCEJ 48th Autumn Meeting (Tokushima, 2016)

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