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SCEJ 48th Autumn Meeting (Tokushima, 2016)

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Session programs : SY-81

The third-day program of ST-12 (Hall D) was partly changed. ST-12 Program (The yellow-backed area is affected.)

SY-81 Symposium of Safety Division

Organizer: Minamigawa Tadao (AGC Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.), Takeda Kazuhiro (Shizuoka U.)

Hall O, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall O(Bldg.4/5 2F 5-201), Day 2(Sep. 7)
(9:00–10:40) (Chair: Takeda Kazuhiro)
9:009:40O201[Review lecture] Importance of Operation in Chemical Process Safety Management
(Tokyo Tech) (Ful)Naka Yuji
Process Safety Management
Standard Operating Procedure
Operation Representation
9:4010:00O203Summary of Plant Maintenance WG Activity Report
(Tokyo Tech) *(Ful)Fuchino Tetsuo, (JNIOSH) (Ful)Shimada Yukiyasu
Business Process Model
Plant Maintenance
Incident Analysis
10:0010:20O204Perspective of Chemical Process Safety
(Mitsubishi Chemical) (Ful)Takahashi Kazunari
Chemical Process Safety
Process Safety Engineer
Risk Assessment
10:2010:40O205Business Process Model Based Requirement Specification of Process Chemistry
(Tokyo Tech) *(Ful)Fuchino Tetsuo, (TUAT) (Ful)Kitajima Teiji, (JNIOSH) (Ful)Shimada Yukiyasu, (Mitsui Chemicals) (Ful)Iwakabe Koichi
Process Chemistry
Process Conceptual Design
Design Rationale
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Minamigawa Tadao)
10:4011:00O206Risk assessment and risk reduction for preventing process accidents
(JNIOSH) *(Ful)Shimada Yukiyasu, (Ful)Sato Yoshihiko, Itagaki Haruhiko
Risk Assessment
Risk Reduction
Process Accident
11:0011:20O207Safety Culture and Leading Indicators in Chemical Industry
(Keio U.) (Ful)Uno Kenichi
Safety Culture
Leading Metrics
Management System
11:2011:40O208Introduction of accident investigation method using VTA and Why-Why analysis
(Mitsubishi Chemical) (Ful)Nakagawa Masaki
Variation Tree Analysis
Why-Why Analysis
11:4012:00O209Theme and Object of Process Safety Incident Investigation -Toward Starting the New Working Group-
(Tokyo Tech) (Ful)Fuchino Tetsuo
Process Safety Management
Process Hazard Analysis
Process Safety Incident

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SCEJ 48th Autumn Meeting (Tokushima, 2016)

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