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SCEJ 48th Autumn Meeting (Tokushima, 2016)

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Award commemorative lectures

The third-day program of ST-12 (Hall D) was partly changed. ST-12 Program (The yellow-backed area is affected.)

The JCEJ Outstanding Paper Award

The JCEJ Outstanding Paper Award

Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall I(Bldg.K 5F K507)
I109 “Solid-Liquid Separation Properties in Centrifugal Sedimentation of Bidisperse Colloidal Suspension” (11:40– 12:00)

(Nagoya U.) *(Int)Cao D. Q., (Ful)Iritani E., (Ful)Katagiri N.
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall M(Bldg.4/5 2F 4-201)
M109 “Effects of annealing on the morphology and porosity of porous TiO2 films fabricated by deposition of aerosol nanoparticles” (11:40– 12:00)

(Hiroshima U.) *(Ful)Kubo Masaru, Mantani Yuki, (Ful)Shimada Manabu
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall X(Bldg.4/5 4F 4-404)
X113 “Effect of Aperture Structure of Dutch Weave Mesh on Flow Resistivity” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kansai Wire Netting) *(Ful)Yoshida Yuichi, (U. Electro-Communications) (Ful)Inoue Yohei, (Doshisha U.) (Ful)Shimosaka Atsuko, (Ful)Shirakawa Yoshiyuki, (Ful)Hidaka Jusuke
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall N(Bldg.4/5 2F 4-202)
N213 “Optimal Structure Synthesis of Internally Heat Integrated Distillation Column” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kyoto U.) *(Stu·PCEF)Takase Hiroshi, (Ful)Hasebe Shinji
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall T(Bldg.4/5 3F 5-302/303)
T206 “Effects of Solution Concentrations on Crystal Growth of Anthracene Thin Films on Silicon by Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (RESS) Using Carbon Dioxide” (10:40– 11:00)

(Shinshu U.) (Stu)Fujii T., (Stu)Takahashi Y., *(Ful)Uchida H.

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SCEJ 48th Autumn Meeting (Tokushima, 2016)

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