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SCEJ 48th Autumn Meeting (Tokushima, 2016)

Keynote lectures, Invited lectures, Review lectures, Requested talks

The third-day program of ST-12 (Hall D) was partly changed. ST-12 Program (The yellow-backed area is affected.)

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Keynote lecture

Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall A(Bldg.K 2F K206)
A105 “Innovations Expected to Separation Engineering” (10:20– 10:40)

(Kyushu U.) (Ful)Hayashi Jun-ichiro
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall A(Bldg.K 2F K206)
A305 “Effective utilization process of all components in biomass” (10:20– 11:00)

(Tokushima U.) (Ful)Nakamura Yoshitoshi

Invited lecture

Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall A(Bldg.K 2F K206)
A106 “Perspective of Membrane Materials and Potential Use in Gas Separation” (10:40– 11:00)

(AIST) (Ful)Yoshimune Miki
A107 “Design of Porous Coordination Compounds and Their Highly Selective Molecular Adsorption Functions” (11:00– 11:20)

(Nagoya U./JST-PRESTO) (Ful)Matsuda Ryotaro
A108 “Development of the Innovative High-Performance Separation Material” (11:20– 11:40)

(Toray Industries) (Ful)Yamane Shinichi
A113 “Foam Enables Selective Recovery of Valuable Metals” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kagoshima U.) (Ful)Nii Susumu
A114 “Smelting and Refining Processing for Future” (13:20– 13:40)

(Kyoto U.) (Ful)Uda Tetsuya
A115 “Method and Expectation for Recovering Valuable Metal from Refining Process in Non-Ferrous Metals Separation” (13:40– 14:00)

(Mitsui Mining & Smelting) Noda Shinji
A118 “Microfluidic Separation of Biological Materials” (14:40– 15:00)

(Chiba U.) (Ful)Seki Minoru
A119 “Possibility of Bio-Inspired Separation Utilizing Self-Organizing System” (15:00– 15:20)

(Osaka U.) (Ful)Umakoshi Hiroshi
A120 “The Impact of Membrane Technology for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing” (15:20– 15:40)

(Kyowa Hakko Kirin) Uchida Kazuhisa
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall D(Bldg.K 3F K309)
D107 “Ammonia as a Hydrogen Energy Carrier” (11:00– 12:00)

(Hiroshima U.) Kojima Yoshitsugu
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall E(Bldg.K 3F K303)
E103 “Material development strategy to control microbes for wastewater treatment” (9:40– 10:00)

(Utsunomiya U.) Kato Norihiro
E106 “Large-scale production of bacterial consortia containing the genus Dehalococcoides and field demonstration of bioaugmentation with the consortia” (10:40– 11:20)

(Kurita Water Industries) Okutsu Noriya
E108 “Isolation and characterization of a bacterial strain that degrades cis-dichloroethene in the absence of aromatic inducers” (11:20– 11:40)

(Nagaoka U. Tech.) *(Ful)Kasai Daisuke, (Stu)Yonezuka Kenta, Fukuda Masao
E109 “Development of a treatment system for arsenic contaminated water using arsenic hyperaccumulator plant” (11:40– 12:00)

(Tohoku Gakuin U.) *Miyauchi Keisuke, (Tohoku U.) Huang Yi, Sugawara Kazuki, (Transp. Bureau Sendai city) Mito Mitsuaki, (OYO) Naruse Haruki, Nakamura Mariko, Monma Mariko, (Tohoku U.) Inoue Chihiro, (Tohoku Gakuin U.) Endo Ginro
E113 “Texture Sensing of Food for Aged People by Using Robotic” (13:00– 13:40)

(Osaka U.) Higashimori Mitsuru
E123 “Fundamental physical properties and application to food development of welan gum” (16:20– 17:00)

(San-Ei Gen FFI) Maeda Kazuhiro
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall F(Bldg.K 4F K407)
F106 “MD and NMR studies on dynamics in supercritical water” (10:40– 11:20)

(Tokushima U.) Yoshida K.
F108 “Development of a small-sized MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical systems) viscosity sensor” (11:20– 12:00)

(AIST) *Yamamoto Yasuyuki, Matsumoto Souhei
F119 “Observation of coating surface in spray coating process and visualization of VOC” (15:00– 15:40)

(Gunma U.) *Amagai Kenji, Oe Toru, Takaishi Koki
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall G(Bldg.K 4F K401)
G113 “The Paris Agreement: Its Impacts and Challenges” (13:00– 13:40)

(Nagoya U.) Takamura Yukari
G115 “National Energy and Environment Strategy for Technological Innovation towards 2050” (13:40– 14:20)

(Cabinet Office) Nishio Masahiro
G117 “A long term outlook for low carbon urban transport” (14:20– 15:00)

(Kagawa U.) Kii Masanobu
G119 “Future outlook of the building sector in low carbon society” (15:00– 15:40)

(Osaka U.) Yamaguchi Youhei
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall H(Bldg.K 4F K402)
H114 “Direction of energy measures under the Paris Agreement” (13:20– 14:00)

(RITE) Akimoto Keigo
H116 “Decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi NPP-present situation and strategy-” (14:00– 14:40)

(NDF) Numata Mamoru
H119 “Hydrogen as Power Storage” (15:00– 15:40)

(Saga U.) *(Ful)Ikegami Yasuyuki, (Saga Pref.) Oono Nobuhiro
H121 “Industrie 4.0, The world with AI - The future of manufacturing industries -” (15:40– 16:20)

(Roland Berger) Nagashima Satoshi
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall J(Bldg.K 5F K501)
J107 “Development of Bio 3D Printer for Organ regeneration” (11:00– 11:40)

(Saga U.) Nakayama Koichi
J113 “Current status of Bio-3D-Printer: Perspectives and issues” (13:00– 13:40)

(U. Toyama) *Nakamura Makoto, Sugimoto Kazuyuki, Tagawa Jungo, (Ful)Ogura Ryosuke
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall M(Bldg.4/5 2F 4-201)
M106 “Development of the uniform and high-quality thin film fabrication technique on large-area substrate under atmospheric-pressure with using mist” (10:40– 11:00)

(Kochi U. Tech.) *Kawaharamura Toshiyuki, Giang T. Dang, Suwa Yuta, Sato Shota, Matsuzaki Shunsuke
M113 “Development of ALD-Based Gas Barrier Films with Ultralow Moisture Permeation for Complicated Structures” (13:00– 13:20)

(ISM, ULVAC,Inc.) *Zama Hideaki, Honda Kazuhiro
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall N(Bldg.4/5 2F 4-202)
N108 “Progress of the current distribution analysis technology of electrolytic cell” (11:20– 12:00)

(MUSASHI GIKEN LLC.) (Div)Ohara Katsuhiko
N118 “The trend of Advance in Semiconductor package technology in IoT era” (14:40– 15:20)

(Grobal Net) (Div)Takeno Yasuhiko
N120 “Nano-Structure Controlled Very Low Resistivity Cu Wires By High Purity Plating” (15:20– 16:00)

(Ibaraki U.) *Onuki Jin, Tamahashi Kunihiro, Itou Masahiko, Onuma Shigeharu, Inami Takashi, Namekawa Takashi, Honma Yoshio
N122 “Determination of reaction rate constants of copper electrodeposition on a rotating disk electrode and using for simulation of the cuprous concentration inside TSVs” (16:00– 16:40)

(Osaka Pref. U.) *(Ful)Hoang Van Ha, (Osaka Pref. U..) (Ful)Kondo Kazuo
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall R(Bldg.4/5 3F 4-303)
R113 “Development of Novel Functional Materials based on N-Heteroacene Derivatives” (13:00– 13:40)

(Kagawa U.) Isoda Kyosuke
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall T(Bldg.4/5 3F 5-302/303)
T101 “Laser-gold nanoparticle interaction: Fundamental aspect of plasmonic heating and its application.” (9:00– 9:40)

(Tokushima U.) Hashimoto Shuichi
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall W(Bldg.4/5 4F 4-402)
W113 “Consideration of Safety Management in Japan” (13:00– 13:40)

(Tokyo Tech) (Ful)Nakamura M.
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall A(Bldg.K 2F K206)
A213 “Current situation of plant factory implementation” (13:00– 13:40)

(Osaka Pref. U.) Fuji Hiroshi
A216 “What is "product cost"? - Dimension analysis of production technology and multi-step business model -” (14:00– 14:40)

(Nissan Motor) Hasegawa Takuya
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall C(Bldg.K 2F K202)
C213 “Development of dehydration process using zeolite membrane” (13:00– 13:40)

(Waseda U.) (Ful)Matsukata Masahiko
C215 “Development of Hitz Zeolite Membrane Dehydration System” (13:40– 14:20)

(Hitachi Zosen) (Cor)Fujita Suguru, *(Cor)Yano Kazuhiro
C218 “Application of membrane+distillation hybrid processes to the separation of azeotropic mixtures” (14:40– 15:20)

(NITech) (Ful)Mori Hideki
C220 “Basic study of distillation-membrane hybrid processes” (15:20– 16:00)

(Mitsubishi Chemical Eng.) (Cor)Yamazaki Koichi
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall D(Bldg.K 3F K309)
D207 “Development of lithium-ion battery for expansion into new markets” (11:00– 12:00)

(Panasonic) (Ful)Ise T.
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall G(Bldg.K 4F K401)
G214 “Flow 'Fine' Synthesis: High Yielding and Selective Organic Synthesis by Flow Methods” (13:20– 14:00)

(U. Tokyo) Kobayashi Shu
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall J(Bldg.K 5F K501)
J201 “Trends of Thermophysical Property Research for Next Generation Refrigerants and International Collaboration Network” (9:00– 9:40)

(Kyushu U.) Higashi Yukihiro
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall M(Bldg.4/5 2F 4-201)
M209 “In silico synthesis of molecular sieve carbons for controlling gas separation characteristics” (11:40– 12:00)

(Kyoto U.) *(Ful)Tanaka H., Adachi T., Yamane Y., (Ful)Miyahara M.
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall R(Bldg.4/5 3F 4-303)
R220 “Solution to the material issues in a chemical company” (15:20– 16:00)

(Sumitomo Chemical) (Ful)Nakada M.
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall T(Bldg.4/5 3F 5-302/303)
T207 “Colloidal ceria particles with a uniform size and good dispersibility” (11:00– 11:40)

(Anan Kasei) *Suda E., Yuasa M., Tokuda J.
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall A(Bldg.K 2F K206)
A301 “Bioprocess in biologics production” (9:00– 9:20)

(Osaka U.) (Ful)Omasa Takeshi
A302 “Expansion of QbD/PAD for solid drug products to biologics” (9:20– 9:40)

(Daiichi-Sankyo) (Ful)Nakagawa Hiroshi
A303 “Modeling and Visualization of swallowing action using the 3-dimentional computer swallowing simulator "Swallow Vision(R)"” (9:40– 10:00)

(Meiji R&D) (Ful)Kamiya Tetsu
A304 “CFD on the manufacturing emulsion, as a non-Newtonian fluid, in cosmetics” (10:00– 10:20)

(Shiseido) (Ful)Yokokawa Yoshihiro
A307 “Modeling and simulations for self organizing cells” (11:00– 11:20)

(Kyoto U.) *(Ful)Yamamoto Ryoichi, Schnyder Simon
A308 “Seven viewpoints in the atomization separation method applied to the bio-chemical processes.” (11:20– 11:40)

(NAMTECH) (Ful)Matsuura Kazuo
A309 “The role of integration engineering in bioprocess innovation” (11:40– 12:00)

(U. Tokyo) (Ful)Sugiyama Hirokazu
A314 “Comprehensive Strategies and Scenarios for the Realization of a Low Carbon Society” (13:10– 13:30)

(JST) Iwasaki Hiroshi
A315 “Advanced Low Carbon Technology Resarch and Development Technology” (13:30– 13:50)

(JST) Koyama Kei
A316 “Science Communication on Recent Science Topics - lessons from other disciplines” (13:50– 14:30)

(NINS) Koizumi Amane
A317 “Challenges to Overcome before Spreading BIPV System” (14:30– 14:50)

(Kaneka) Nakajima Akihiko
A318 “Manegement of Innovation Hub” (14:50– 15:10)

(Yamagata U.) Ono Hiroyuki
A320 “Fostering ability to create human-centered innovation : activities of i.school” (15:20– 16:00)

(U. Tokyo) Horii Hideyuki
A322 “Towards culativation and clustering of industries related to renewable energy” (16:00– 16:20)

(Fukushima Pref.) Adachi Kazuhisa
A323 “Future perspects for implementing deep introduction of renewable energy” (16:20– 17:00)

(AIST) Furutani Hirohide
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall B(Bldg.K 2F K201)
B313 “Introduction of RIKEN Biomass Engineering Research” (13:00– 13:40)

(RIKEN) Matsui Minami
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall D(Bldg.K 3F K309)
D307 “Wet coating as a process to fabricate new interfaces” (11:00– 12:00)

(Kyutech) (Ful)Yamamura Masato
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall F(Bldg.K 4F K407)
F306 “Selective solid-catalyzed reactions and CO2 confinement in amorphous nano-structured silicas using supercritical carbon dioxide” (10:40– 11:20)

(Mitsui Chemicals) (Cor)Ichikawa S.
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall G(Bldg.K 4F K401)
G306 “Reactivity measurements and validation of combustion chemistry for various fuels using micro flow reactor with controlled temperature profile” (10:40– 11:20)

(Tohoku U.) Nakamura Hisashi
G319 “Chromatographic separation of the large blood proteins.” (15:00– 15:20)

(Japan Blood Products Organization) (APCE)Hamachi Masataka
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall H(Bldg.K 4F K402)
H313 “Optimal pharmacotherapy driven by drug analysis with computer simulations” (13:00– 13:40)

(Keio U.) Tanigawara Yusuke
H315 “Simulation and prediction of drug disposition in humans during renal diseases” (13:40– 14:20)

(Kanazawa U.) *Kato Yukio, Nakamichi Noritaka, Masuo Yusuke
H320 “Data management and integrative analysis for bioprocess development” (15:20– 16:00)

(Genedata) Hashino Futoshi, Moriwaki Kaori, Heida Naohiko, *Shinjoh Masako

Review lecture

Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall B(Bldg.K 2F K201)
B108 “Analysis and Prediction of RO Membrane Fouling Phenomena” (11:20– 12:00)

(Kurita Water Industries) (Ful)Kawakatsu T.
B113 “Present status of air filters and their new applications” (13:00– 13:40)

(Kanazawa U.) (Ful)Otani Y.
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall E(Bldg.K 3F K303)
E101 “High-performance treatment of wastewater containing high concentrations of fats and oils through biocontrol” (9:00– 9:40)

(Nagoya U.) *(Ful)Hori Katsutoshi, (Ful)Fujioka Masatake
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall F(Bldg.K 4F K407)
F113 “Measurements of Hydrogen Thermophysical Properties and Applications of the Database System for High-Pressure Hydrogen Infrastructure” (13:00– 13:40)

(Kyushu U.) *(Ful)Sakoda N., Kuroki T., Shinzato K., Kohno M., (Saga U.) Monde M., (Kyushu U.) Takata Y.
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall G(Bldg.K 4F K401)
G121 “Status of Climate Engineering Research” (15:40– 16:20)

(IAE) (Ful)Kurosawa Atsushi
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall K(Bldg.K 5F K502)
K119 “Preparation of various useful chemicals through heterogeneous catalytic oxidation” (15:00– 15:40)

(Tokushima U.) (Ful)Sugiyama Shigeru
K121 “Development of Microwave Chemical Reactor” (15:40– 16:20)

(Shikoku Instrumentation) *Soga Hirofumi, Kunii Katsuyuki, Shiota Hidekazu
K123 “Chemical Reaction Engineering for Efficient Use of Coal” (16:20– 17:00)

(Kyoto U.) (Ful)Miura Kouichi
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall O(Bldg.4/5 2F 5-201)
O108 “Microwave assisted extraction of Sudachitin from Sudachi peels and its effects on health” (11:20– 12:00)

(Tokushima Pref. Ind. Tech. C.) *Nii Yoshitaka, Okahisa Naoki, (Tokushima U.) Sakai Tohru, Tsukayama Masao, (Ikeda Yakusou) Shikishima Yasuhiro
O113 “The drying of the farm products by the microwave - For the development of Foods with Function Claims! -” (13:00– 13:40)

(SIMPI) Katoh Shunsaku
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall Q(Bldg.4/5 3F 4-302)
Q113 “Fluid/particle technologies for next-generation carbonaceous resource conversion” (13:00– 13:40)

(Kyushu U.) (Ful)Hayashi Jun-ichiro
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall V(Bldg.4/5 4F 4-401)
V108 “IoT and chemical industry” (11:20– 12:00)

(TUAT) (Ful)Yamashita Yoshiyuki
V116 “Study on applying dynamic simulation in development of unified system for hydrogen energy carrier production and utilization” (14:00– 14:40)

(AIST) *(Ful)Matsumoto Hideyuki, Kojima Hirokazu, (Ful)Atsumi Ryosuke, Sai Xieli, Nanba Tetsuya, Tsujimura Taku
V123 “Integration engineering for the realization of sustainable society” (16:20– 17:00)

(U. Tokyo) (Ful)Hirao Masahiko
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall F(Bldg.K 4F K407)
F216 “Control of organic synthetic reactions using characteristics of sub- and supercritical water” (14:00– 14:40)

(U. Tokyo) (Ful)Akizuki M.
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall H(Bldg.K 4F K402)
H205 “Numerical Simulation as a Tool for Understanding of Heat Transfer” (10:20– 11:00)

(Osaka U.) (Ful)Okano Yasunori
H213 “Energy strategy for building of a low carbon society” (13:00– 13:40)

(U. Tokyo) (Ful)Tsutsumi Atsushi
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall J(Bldg.K 5F K501)
J213 “The development of environment-friendly CO2 absorption, separation, reproduction process using ionic liquids” (13:00– 13:40)

(Nihon U.) *(Ful)Kodama D., (Yamagata U.) (Ful)Matsuda K., (AIST) (Ful)Makino T., (Ful)Kanakubo M.
J220 “Education and Research Activity in EGT, MJIIT-UTM, and Fundamental Physical Properties required in Malaysian Industries” (15:20– 16:00)

(MJIIT-UTM) *(Ful)Tsuji Tomoya, Noor Azian Morad
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall M(Bldg.4/5 2F 4-201)
M213 “Current Status and Issues of Li-ion Batteries, Characteristics Required for Positive Electrode Materials” (13:00– 13:40)

(NICHIA) Sumitomo Takefumi
M218 “in-situ observations on III-V semiconductor quantum dots and its growth mechanism” (14:40– 15:20)

(NIT Anan) Tsukamoto Shiro
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall O(Bldg.4/5 2F 5-201)
O201 “Importance of Operation in Chemical Process Safety Management” (9:00– 9:40)

(Tokyo Tech) (Ful)Naka Yuji
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall Q(Bldg.4/5 3F 4-302)
Q208 “Numerical simulation of liquid droplet penetration into porous medium of sphere particles by lattice Boltzmann method” (11:20– 12:00)

(Fukuoka U.) (Ful)Matsukuma Yosuke
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall V(Bldg.4/5 4F 4-401)
V208 “Plasma gene transfection as an application of atmospheric-pressure cold plasma” (11:20– 12:00)

(Ehime U.) Jinno Masafumi
V213 “Industrial Applications of Atmospheric-pressure Plasma technology” (13:00– 13:40)

(Mitsubishi Electric) Wada Noboru
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall W(Bldg.4/5 4F 4-402)
W213 “New perspective of mixing technology from the concept of human centered innovation” (13:00– 13:40)

(Kobe U.) (Ful)Ohmura Naoto
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall F(Bldg.K 4F K407)
F308 “Application of entropy-based solubility parameter for processing pharmaceutical and food products” (11:20– 12:00)

(Tohoku U.) (Ful)Ota M.
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall J(Bldg.K 5F K501)
J301 “Petroleomics reveals heavy oil: structure analysis and physical property estimation of heavy oils molecule” (9:00– 9:40)

(JGC) *(Ful)Teratani Shogo, (Idemitsu Kosan) (Ful)Miyamoto Shinji, (Ful)Mase Jun, (Tohoku U.) (Ful)Tsukada Takao, (Ful)Inomata Hiroshi, (JPEC) Katano Keita
J313 “Innovation in Implementing Property Estimation Methods in Process Simulators to Cover Plant Life-cycle” (13:00– 13:40)

(Schneider Electric) (Ful)Hirohama Seiya
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall M(Bldg.4/5 2F 4-201)
M313 “Improvement of Separation Performance with Flocculation Control and Ultrahigh-Pressure Expression” (13:00– 13:40)

(Nagoya U.) (Ful)Iritani Eiji
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall P(Bldg.4/5 3F 4-301)
P313 “Molecular simulations of glassy materials: Comprehensive understanding of transport properties from molecular scales” (13:00– 13:40)

(Osaka U.) (Ful)Kim Kang

Requested talk

Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall E(Bldg.K 3F K303)
E104 “High performance fermentative methane production system” (10:00– 10:20)

(Tokyo Tech) (Ful)Nakasaki Kiyohiko
Day 1(Sep. 6), Hall W(Bldg.4/5 4F 4-402)
W116 “Reinforcement of safe and stable operation by alarm management” (14:00– 14:20)

(Idemitsu Kosan) *(Ful)Higuchi F., (Cor)Yamamoto I.
W117 “Prediction of abnormality by trend monitoring system” (14:20– 14:40)

(UBE Industries) *(Cor)Nawachi T., (Cor)Dohi Y., (Cor)Katsuki T.
W118 “Emergency response training of Utility-plant” (14:40– 15:00)

(Mitsui Chemicals) (Cor)Nabei K.
W119 “Development of Operation Training Simulators (OTS) for Education and Training of Plant Operating Personnel” (15:00– 15:20)

(Sumitomo Chemical) *(Cor)Inada S., (Cor)Ohno T., (Cor)Kugemoto H.
Day 2(Sep. 7), Hall F(Bldg.K 4F K407)
F209 “The establishment of the industrial technology for xylooligosaccharide by sub-critical water treatment” (11:40– 12:00)

(Kimura Chemical Plants) *(Ful)Yamakawa Y., (Ful·SPCE)Ikeda H., (Cor)Sasabe K., (Shinshu U.) (Div)Amano Y., Mizuno M., (B Food Sci.) (Ful)Makishima S., (Ful)Satoh N.
Day 3(Sep. 8), Hall H(Bldg.K 4F K402)
H306 “In vitro drug testing based on contractile force generation of tissue-engineered skeletal muscle constructs” (10:40– 11:00)

(Kyushu U.) *(Ful)Ito Akira, (Stu)Ikeda Kazushi, Imada Ryusuke, Sato Masanori, (Ful)Kawabe Yoshinori, (Ful)Kamihira Masamichi
H307 “Mathematical modeling of protein-protein interaction assay using split firefly luciferase” (11:00– 11:20)

(Tokyo Tech) *(Ful)Ueda Hiroshi, (Louisiana St. U.) Dale Renee, (Tokyo Tech) Ohmuro-Matsuyama Yuki, (Louisiana St. U.) Kato Naohiro
H308 “Development of sensors for therapeutic drug monitoring using molecularly imprinted polymer electrode” (11:20– 11:40)

(Shibaura Inst. Tech.) (Ful)Yoshimi Yasuo
H309 “Development of identification method based on cross-sectional analysis of transcriptome database for functional non-coding RNA sequences” (11:40– 12:00)

(Chiba U.) *(Ful)Takahashi H., (Hokkaido U.) Hayashi N., Naito S., Onouchi H.
H317 “Organs-on-a-chip as wet in-vivo simulator” (14:20– 15:00)

(AIST) *(Ful)Kanamori Toshiyuki, (Ful)Sugiura Shinji
H322 “Development of virtual metabolism and its application to medical engineering” (16:00– 16:40)

(Kyutech) (Ful)Kurata Hiroyuki

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