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SCEJ 48th Autumn Meeting (Tokushima, 2016)

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Session programs : SY-69

The third-day program of ST-12 (Hall D) was partly changed. ST-12 Program (The yellow-backed area is affected.)

SY-69 Symposium of Division of Systems, Information and Simulation Technologies (2) Information Integration and Modelling Approaches

Organizer: Sugiyama Hirokazu (U. Tokyo), Hirao Masahiko (U. Tokyo)

For rational decision makings in the process industries, integration of various knowledge and information is critical, and the research on modeling needs to be advanced. In this symposium as a continuation of the last year, we will explore information integration and the supportive role of modeling approaches with considering chemical, pharmaceutical, food and recycling industries, and also social systems.

Hall V, Day 1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall V(Bldg.4/5 4F 4-401), Day 1(Sep. 6)
(10:20–11:20) (Chair: Hirao Masahiko)
10:2010:40V105Improved performance of software iCOSMOS for calculating steady-state sensitivities
(Kyushu U.) *(Stu)Miyawaki Atsuko, (Ful)Shiraishi Fumihide
Biochemical systems theory
Steady-state sensitivity
S-system method
10:4011:00V106business process modeling approach of plant lifecycle engineering from plant alarm system management view
(Shizuoka U.) *(Ful)Takeda Kazuhiro, (NITech) (Ful)Hamaguchi Takashi, (Kyushu U.) (Ful)Kimura Naoki, (Fukuoka U.) (Ful)Noda Masaru
plant alarm system
plant lifecycle
business process model
11:0011:20V107Development of a software to control correctly the management of change
(Okayama Shoka U.) *(Ful)Minowa Hirotsugu, (Shizuoka U.) (Ful)Takeda Kazuhiro, (JNISOH) (Ful)Shimada Yukiyasu, (Tokyo Tech) (Ful)Fuchino Tetsuo
Sustainable Engineering
Management Of Change
(11:20–12:00) (Chair: Matsumoto Hideyuki)
11:2012:00V108[Review lecture] IoT and chemical industry
(TUAT) (Ful)Yamashita Yoshiyuki
Internet of Things
Big Data
Process Systems Engineering
(13:00–14:00) (Chair: Nakagawa Hiroshi)
13:0013:20V113Risk evaluation models for the design of parenterals manufacturing processes
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Shirahata Haruku, (Ful)Hirao Masahiko, (Ful)Sugiyama Hirokazu
pharmaceutical manufacturing
risk evaluation
single-use technology
13:2013:40V114Wavelength selection method for process analytical technology with infrared spectra
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Shibayama S., (Ful)Kaneko H., (Ful)Funatsu K.
Calibration-minimum approach
Infrared spectroscopy
Process analytical technology
13:4014:00V115Process Optimization and Design Space Construction by Process System Analysis
(PSE Japan) (Ful)Kashiwaya Shigeru
global system analysis
Quality by Design
equation-oriented process modelling
(14:00–15:20) (Chair: Takeda Kazuhiro)
14:0014:40V116[Review lecture] Study on applying dynamic simulation in development of unified system for hydrogen energy carrier production and utilization
(AIST) *(Ful)Matsumoto Hideyuki, Kojima Hirokazu, (Ful)Atsumi Ryosuke, Sai Xieli, Nanba Tetsuya, Tsujimura Taku
Renewable Energy
Dynamic Simulation
14:4015:00V118Life Cycle GHG Emission Associated with FAEE Produced from Ion-exchange Resin Catalyzed Process using Hydrous Ethanol
(Tohoku U.) *(Stu)Peng Shao-Lin, (Ful)Chen I-Ching, (Ful)Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi, (Ful)Ohno Hajime, (Ful)Fukushima Yasuhiro
Life Cycle GHG Emission
Hydrous Ethanol
15:0015:20V119Design ofing a chemical process considering for local deployment in local regions: A case study of FAME production from waste cooking oil with Ion-exchange resin catalysts
(Tohoku U.) *(Ful)Chen I-Ching, (Stu)Peng Shao-Lin, (Ful)Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi, (Ful)Ohno Hajime, (Ful)Fukushima Yasuhiro
Centralized and decentralized chemical processes
Route design by GIS
Dynamic vehicle load
(15:20–16:20) (Chair: Bito Kiyotaka)
15:2015:40V120Integration of distributed information in designing local energy system
(U. Tokyo) *(Ful)Kanematsu Y., (Ful)Okubo T., (Ful·APCE)Kikuchi Y.
Data acquisition
Information modeling
15:4016:00V121A role of modeling for intensification of plant-derived-resources utilization system considering integrated design of agriculture and industry
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Ouchida K., (Ful)Okubo T., (Ful·APCE)Kikuchi Y.
16:0016:20V122Activity model of life cycle design of packaging
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Yokokawa N., (Ful)Sugiyama H., (Ful)Hirao M.
food packaging
activity model
environmentally-conscious design
(16:20–17:00) (Chair: Sugiyama Hirokazu)
16:2017:00V123[Review lecture] Integration engineering for the realization of sustainable society
(U. Tokyo) (Ful)Hirao Masahiko
Sustainable society
Integration engineering

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