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SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting (2020)

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Award commemorative lectures of the SCEJ Awards

All sessions can be attended from the On-line (Virtual) Meeting Site.
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The ID/PW was sent on Sept. 10 (for earlybird registered participants) or on Sept. 23 (for on-site registered participants).
(Aug. 8) Flash session of SY-69 has been cancelled.
(Aug. 24,27) Schedule of SY-74 (X306, X307) and HQ-11 (D301) has been changed.

The SCEJ Award | The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Research Achievement | The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Young Researcher | The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Technological Development | The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity | The Outstanding Paper Award

The SCEJ Award

Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall A()
A225 “Measurements and Prediction of Transport Properties for Fluids/Mixtures under Pressures” (17:00– 17:30)

(Chuo U.) Funazukuri Toshitaka

The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Research Achievement

Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall I()
I109 “Reaction Process Engineering Research for Synthesis of Poorly Water-Soluble Esters” (11:40– 12:00)

(Tohoku U.) Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall H()
H213 “Study on Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering Utilizing Self-Organized Membrane as a Platform of Molecular Recognition and Conversion” (13:00– 13:20)

(Osaka U.) Umakoshi Hiroshi

The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Young Researcher

Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall J()
J115 “Development of Next-Generation Latent Heat Storage and Transportation Technology for High-Temperature Application” (13:40– 14:00)

(Hokkaido U.) Nomura Takahiro
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall X()
X106 “Development of Fast Extraction and Separation Process Using Supercritical CO2 (10:40– 11:00)

(AIST) Fujii Tatsuya
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall S()
S213 “Development of Organosilica Membrane with Ionic Liquid Like Properties and Studies of Their Gas and Vapor Permeation Mechanism” (13:00– 13:20)

(Osaka U.) Hirota Yuichiro

The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Technological Development

Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall M()
M306 “Development of the Optimized Stirring System of Yeast Slurry in the Beer Fermentation Process” (10:40– 11:00)

(Asahi Quality and Innovations) *Kawamura Kimito, (Kobelco Eco-Solutions) Kikuchi Masahiko, Minami Toshimitsu, Okamoto Yukimichi

The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity

Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall E()
E204 “Surface Forces Measurement for Materials Science” (10:00– 10:40)

(Tohoku U. NICHe) Kurihara Kazue
E206 “The activities as the leader of cosmetics project” (10:40– 11:00)

(Hokkaido Soda) Kitazawa Yuria

The Outstanding Paper Award

Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall X()
X119 “Kinetic Study of Hydrothermal Leaching of Lithium Cobalt Oxide with Citric Acid” (15:00– 15:20)

(Tohoku U.) *Watanabe Masaru, Azuma Daiki, Aikawa Tatsuya, Hiraga Yuya, Smith Richard
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall G()
G216 “Effect of Two Kinds of Supersaturation on Crystal Qualities during Cocrystallization” (14:00– 14:20)

(Chugai Pharmaceutical) Nishimaru Momoko, (NIT Gunma) Kudo Shoji, (TUAT) *Takiyama Hiroshi
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall I()
I209 “CH4 Production from Hydrothermal Gasification of Ethanol Using Carbon-supported Ni Catalysts” (11:40– 12:00)

(Kyoto U.) *Nakagawa Hiroyuki, Shibata Yasuhiro
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall T()
T213 “Process-Identification and Design of Robust PI Controller for a Self-Oscillating Integral Process with Dead Time” (13:00– 13:20)

(Mitsubishi Chemical Eng.) *Takeda Hironobu, (TUAT) Yamashita Yoshiyuki
T214 “Database Management Method Based on Strength of Nonlinearity for >> Locally Weighted Linear Regression” (13:20– 13:40)

(Kyoto U.) *Kim Sanghong, Mishima Kazuki, Kano Manabu, Hasebe Shinji
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall I()
I309 “Prediction of catalytic activity for supported metal catalyst using d-band center theory and HSAB concept” (11:40– 12:00)

(Suzuki Motor) *Miura Kazuya, Kimata Fumikazu, (Shizuoka U.) Watanabe Ryo, Fukuhara Choji
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall S()
S313 “Effect of Sintering Temperature on Sol-Gel Synthesis of Porous Polymeric Membranes Supported Layered Hybrid Organosilica Membranes and Their Vapor Permeation Property” (13:00– 13:20)

(Hiroshima U.) *Nagasawa Hiroki, Murata Mamoru, Kanezashi Masakoto, Tsuru Toshinori

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