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SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting (2020)

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Session programs : SY-80

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(Aug. 8) Flash session of SY-69 has been cancelled.
(Aug. 24,27) Schedule of SY-74 (X306, X307) and HQ-11 (D301) has been changed.

SY-80 [Symposium of Division of Materials and Interfaces]
New Approaches for Designing Innovative Materials

Organizers: Takami Seiichi (Nagoya Univ.), Endo Akira (AIST)

The understanding of relation among function, structure and synthetic process of materials is necessary to realize novel materials. However, recent functional materials have been difficult to develop, because of the unclear relation of complicated recent materials. This symposium aims to discuss promising approaches to realize novel materials based on new methodologies including mathematics and data science.

Hall E, Day 1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall E(), Day 1(Sep. 24)
(13:15–17:00) (Chair: Takami Seiichi, Endo Akira)
13:1513:20Opening remark
(Nagoya U.) (Reg)Takami Seiichi
13:2014:00E114[Invited lecture] Catalyst Informatics Approach for the Prediction of Catalytic Reaction Yields
(AIST) Yada Akira
Catalyst Informatics
Machine Learning
Catalyst Informatics
14:0014:40E116[Invited lecture] Smart flow process for accelerating functional materials development
(AIST) (Reg)Sue Kiwamu
smart flow process
accelerating materials development
14:4015:00E118Behavior of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon adsorbed in interlayer space of layered clay mineral
(Kogakuin U.) *(Reg)Miyagawa Masaya, (Stu)Higuchi Hayato, (Stu)Hirosawa Fumiya, (Reg)Takaba Hiromitsu
Molecular dynamics
Layered clay mineral
15:0015:20E119Evaluation of organic-modified Al2O3/organic solvent interface affinity based on the work of adhesion by molecular dynamics simulation
(Tohoku U.) *(Stu·PCEF)Saito Takamasa, (Reg)Shoji Eita, (Reg)Kubo Masaki, (Reg)Tsukada Takao, (Tohoku U. IFS) Kikugawa Gota, Surblys Donatas
molecular dynamics simulation
work of adhesion
15:2015:40E120Analysis of sluggish gate adsorption behavior on metal-organic framework under external force
(Kyoto U.) *(Stu·PCEF)Arima Homare, (Reg·PCEF)Hiraide Shotaro, (Reg)Miyahara Minoru
Metal-organic framework
Gate adsorption
External force
15:4016:20E121[Invited lecture] Higher-order structure design of polymeric materials by cooperation of coarse-grained simulation and machine learning
(AIST) Aoyagi Takeshi
block copolymer
phase separation
elastic property
16:2016:40E123[Requested talk] Discrete surface theory and its applications to material sciences
(Nagoya U.) *Naito Hisashi, (Tohoku U.) Kotani Motoko
Carbon network
Graph theory
Discrete surface
16:4017:00E124Synthesis of ceramic nanocomposite films as a minimal surface
(Nagoya U.) *(Reg)Takami Seiichi, Takai Rikuto, Yoshihara Noriaki
minimal surface
nanocomposite film
ceramic nanoparticle

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