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SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting (2020)

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Session programs : ST-23

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The ID/PW was sent on Sept. 10 (for earlybird registered participants) or on Sept. 23 (for on-site registered participants).
(Aug. 8) Flash session of SY-69 has been cancelled.
(Aug. 24,27) Schedule of SY-74 (X306, X307) and HQ-11 (D301) has been changed.

ST-23 [Trans-Division Symposium]
Cell, Energy Conversion and Storage Technology Supporting Next Generation Society (Oral Presentation Category)

Organizers: Nishimura Akira (Mie Univ.), Nakagaki Takao (Waseda Univ.), Kikuchi Ryuji (Univ. of Tokyo), Tamaki Takanori (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Kosaka Fumihiko (AIST), Sakamoto Hironori (Osaka Gas)

In this symposium, we call for lectures on energy devices and related energy conversion technologies such as fuel cell, solar cell, secondary battery, etc.. We have a special lecture time to discuss technolgy development of cells and energy conversion systems after FIT graduation. In addition to oral presentations, poster presentations are also welcomed for those who want to discuss thoroughly. In the poster presentation category, excellent presentations by students and young researchers will be awarded.

Hall L, Day 1 | Hall L, Day 2 | Hall L, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall L(), Day 1(Sep. 24)
(9:20–10:20) (Chair: Nakagaki Takao, Sakamoto Hiroki)
9:209:40L102Energy Assessment on Supply Chain of Renewable Hydrogen
(Mie U.) *(Reg)Nishimura Akira, (Toho Gas) (Cor)Moriyama Tatsuya, (Cor)Shimano Jun
FIT Graduation
Water Electrolysis Hydrogen
9:4010:00L103Technology assessment for renewable energy sources considering environmental and technoeconomic aspects: A case study of battery-assisted hydrogen production
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Sako Narihisa, (Reg)Kanematsu Yuichiro, (Reg·APCE)Kikuchi Yasunori
System design
LCA(Life cycle assessment)
10:0010:20L104Providing dispatchable power using variable renewable energy with thermal energy storage: Life cycle assessment of wind powered thermal energy system in paper mills all over Japan
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Yamaki Ayumi, (Reg)Fujii Shoma, (Reg)Kanematsu Yuichiro, (Reg·APCE)Kikuchi Yasunori
Greenhouse gas emission
Dispatchable power source
Paper production
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Koyama Michihisa, Oshiro Hitoshi)
10:4011:00L106Design of a distributed hydrogen energy storage system with solar cells considering waste heat utilization of fuel cells
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Okubo Tatsuya, (Reg)Hasegawa Kei, (Reg)Ihara Manabu
energy system
fuel cell
11:0012:00L107[Invited lecture] Utilization of Residential Photovoltaic and Battery
(Kyocera) (Cor)Tonari Hidemichi
Residential photovoltaic
After FIT
Battery for VPP
(13:00–14:20) (Chair: Nishimura Akira, Nakagaki Takao)
13:0014:00L113[Invited lecture] Development of PEM Water Electrolysis
(Hitachi Zosen) *(Reg)Oshiro Hitoshi, (Cor)Yoshida Tetsuya, (Cor)Ogawa Shota, (Cor)Sasaki Yusuke, (Cor)Izumiya Koichi
Water Electrolysis
Renewable Energy
14:0014:20L116A Study on Potential of Home energy systems for accelerating renewable energy deployment
(Hirosaki U.) *(Stu)Fang Tiancheng, Wang Jiwei, Yu Tao, (Xinjiang IE.) Xu Lijun, (Hirosaki U.) (Reg)Yoshida Akihiro, (Reg)Guan Guoqing, (Reg)Abudula Abuliti
Home Energy
Energy Conservation
Hall L(), Day 2(Sep. 25)
(9:00–10:40) (Chair: Ito Hideki, Kageyama Miho)
9:009:20L201Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity of an Iron-based Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution in Alkaline Water Splitting
(Tokyo Tech) *(Reg)Sugawara Yuuki, Kamata Keigo, (NIMS) Ishikawa Atsushi, Tateyama Yoshitaka, (Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Yamaguchi Takeo
oxygen evolution reaction
density functional theory
alkaline water splitting
9:209:40L202Reaction controle on the counter electrode in the seawater electrolysis for hydrogen generation.
(Yamaguchi U.) *(Reg)Endo Nobutaka, Itaya Naoki, Okamoto Yuudai, Tanaka Shogo, Kishimoto Syudai
Seawater electrolysis
Hydorogen generation
9:4010:00L203Structure control of connected Ir-Ru nanoparticle catalysts for polymer electrolyte water electrolysis
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Sugita Yoshiyuki, (Tokyo Tech/KISTEC) (Reg)Tamaki Takanori, (KISTEC/Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Kuroki Hidenori, (Tokyo Tech/KISTEC) (Reg)Yamaguchi Takeo
Polymer electrolyte water electrolysis
Connected nanoparticle catalysts
Carbon free catalysts
10:0010:20L204Multi-scale pore morphologies of a compressed gas diffusion layer for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
(Toyota Central R&D Lab.) *(Cor)Yoshimune Wataru, (Reg)Kato Satoru, (Cor)Yamaguchi Satoshi
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Gas Diffusion Layer
10:2010:40L205Visualization of liquid water in hydrophobic materials by synchrotron X-ray nano CT
(Toyota Central R&D Lab.) *(Cor)Yamaguchi Satoshi, (Reg)Kato Satoru, (Cor)Yoshimune Wataru, (Cor)Kato Akihiko, (Cor)Nagai Yasutaka, (Cor)Suzuki Takahisa
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Gas Diffusion Layer
Microporous layer
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Yoshimune Wataru, Endo Nobutaka)
10:4011:00L206Connected Platinum-Iron Catalysts with Superlattice Structures as Durable Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts for PEFCs
(KISTEC/Tokyo Tech) *(Reg)Kuroki Hidenori, (Tokyo Tech) Imura Yu, Fujita Ryosuke, (KISTEC/Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Tamaki Takanori, (Reg)Yamaguchi Takeo
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
Chemically Ordered Structure
Load Cycle Durability
11:0011:20L207The Effect of One-pass Conversion and Flow Pattern on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell System with Hydrogen Circulation
(Kyoto U.) *(Int)Ma Yulei, (Reg)Yamaguchi Kazuhiro, (Reg)Kageyama Miho, (Reg)Kawase Motoaki
polymer electrolyte fuel cell
flow pattern
one-pass conversion
11:2011:40L208Determination method of dimensionless moduli of PEFC from dependency of cathode catalyst layer thickness
(Kyoto U.) *(Reg)Kageyama Miho, (Reg)Yamaguchi Kazuhiro, (Stu)Ma Yulei, (Stu·PCEF)Ogawa Hikaru, (Reg)Kawase Motoaki
polymer electrolyte fuel cell
analysis method
dimensionless moduli
11:4012:00L209Temperature and relative humidity dependencies of oxygen reduction reaction rate in PEFC measured by using ionomer-free thin layer electrode
(Kyoto U.) *(Stu·PCEF)Ogawa H., (Reg)Yamaguchi K., Dalia H., (Reg)Kageyama M., (Reg)Kawase M.
polymer electrolyte fuel cell
oxygen reduction reaction
platinum-sputtered electrode
(13:00–15:20) (Chair: Nakao Takato, Tamaki Takanori)
13:0013:20L213Effects of temperature and pressure on relative humidity distribution in PEFC
(Kyoto U.) *(Int)Balci Beste, (Stu·PCEF)Tanabe Keiya, (Reg)Kageyama Miho, (Reg)Yamaguchi Kazuhiro, (Reg)Kawase Motoaki
polymer electrolyte fuel cell
high temperature and pressure
water permeation
13:2013:40L214Research and Development of Scalable Isolated Fuel Cells
(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) (Cor)Tani Toshihiro, *(Cor)Ito Hideki, (Cor)Urashita Yasutaka, (Cor)Sugihara Koki, (Reg)Matsubara Wataru, (JAMSTEC) Yoshida Hirosi
polymer electrolyte fuel cell
13:4014:00L215[Invited lecture] Challenges to Governmental Support for R&D on FCV beyond 2030
(NEDO) Hara Daishu
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell vehicle
14:0014:20L216[Invited lecture] Toward the Future Fuel Cell - Challenge for 2030/2040 -
(Fuel Cell Commercialization Conference of Japan) *Takano Jun, Miura Shimpei, Yamada Kota, Yasumoto Eiichi, Shinohara Kazuhiko, Iiyama Akihiro, Kubo Norio, Shimotori Soichiro
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell vehicle
14:2015:00L217[Invited lecture] FCV R&D Strategy for 2030 /2040 Target
(Toyota Central R&D Lab.) *(Cor)Kuzuya Takashi, (Honda R&D) Tanaka Shintaro, (Toyota Motor) (Cor)Sano Seiji
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell vehicle
15:0015:20L219[Invited lecture] Questions to Answers
(NEDO) Hara Daishu, (Fuel Cell Commercialization Conference of Japan) Takano Jun, (Toyota Motor/Toyota ZEV Factory) (Cor)Sano Seiji, (Honda R&D) Tanaka Shintaro, (Toyota Central R&D Lab.) (Cor)Kuzuya Takashi
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell vehicle
Hall L(), Day 3(Sep. 26)
(9:00–10:20) (Chair: Fukunaga Hiroshi)
9:009:20L301Effect of bilayer electrolyte on performance of protonic ceramic fuel cells with BaZr0.8Y0.2O3-δ and BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.1Yb0.1O3-δ electrolytes
(U. Tokyo) *(Reg)Matsuo Hiroki, Nakane Kenta, (Tokyo Gas/Kyushu U.) (Reg)Matsuzaki Yoshio, (U. Tokyo) (Reg)Otomo Junichiro
Solid oxide fuel cell
Bilayer electrolyte
Proton conduction
9:209:40L302Direct carbon dioxide methanation in a calcium looping process using Ni-CaO-Y doped BaZrO3
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Lee Jihan, (Reg)Otomo Junichiro
Ca looping
9:4010:00L303Proposal of the model of comprehensive anode reaction in solid oxide fuel cell / electrolysis cell and constructing the method of multivariable fitting
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Koga Yasutomo, (Stu)Iida Yuta, (Stu)Kameda Keisuke, (Reg)Hasegawa Kei, (Reg)Ihara Manabu
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Kinetics modeling
10:0010:20L304Effect of Ion Conductive Oxide for Direct Carbon Nanotube Growth in the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
(Tokyo Tech) *(Reg)Hasegawa Kei, (Stu)Yamada Kouki, Hosoda Mankichi, (Stu)Iida Yuta, (Stu)Kameda Keisuke, (Reg)Ihara Manabu
Solid oxide fuel cell
Carbon nanotube
oxide ion conductor
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Otomo Junichiro, Ishitobi Hirokazu)
10:4011:00L306Potential behavior just after fuel supply of liquid fuel direct supply solid oxide fuel cell and evaluation of its electrode activity with modeling
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Iida Yuta, (Stu)Kameda Keisuke, (Stu)Koga Yasutomo, (Reg)Hasegawa Kei, (Reg)Ihara Manabu
solid oxide fuel cell
11:0011:20L307Effect of the properties of the diffusion layer on the power generation characteristics of the direct formic acid fuel cell
(Kanazawa U.) *(Reg)Tsujiguchi Takuya, (Reg)Osaka Yugo, (Reg)Kodama Akio
Mass transport
Porous Electrode
11:2011:40L308Synthesis of C/Fe3O4 composite microspheres prepared by spray pyrolysis and their application to energy storage devices
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Adi Akylbek, (Reg)Taniguchi Izumi
C/Fe3O4 composite microspheres
Spray pyrolysis
Energy storage devices
11:4012:00L309Synthesis of bio-based latent heat storage material with melting temperature suitable for environmental temperature
(Tohoku U.) *(Stu·PCEF)Okubo Kazuki, (Reg·PCEF)Hiromori Kousuke, (Reg)Takahashi Atsushi, (Reg)Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi
fatty acid ester
latent heat storage
(13:00–15:00) (Chair: Kikuchi Ryuji)
13:0013:20L313Microwave synthesis of NMC811 cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
(Sumitomo Metal Mining) *(Cor)Koshika Yuki, (Cor)Kaneda Haruki, (Cor)Nagata Hiroaki
cathode material
Lithium-ion battery
13:2013:40L314Analysis of Formation Behavior of NMC Cathode Material for Li-ion Batteries under Different Oxygen Cocentrations
(Sumitomo Metal Mining) *(Cor)Kaneda Haruki, (Cor)Kawazoe Takuya, (Cor)Furuichi Yuuki, (Cor)Nagata Hiroaki
Formation Behavior
NMC Cathode Material
Oxygen Concentrations
13:4014:00L315Electrochemical performance of sulfur-based lithium batteries with free-standing SiO2/C composite nanofiber mat as interlayer
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Belgibayeva Ayaulym, (Reg)Taniguchi Izumi
Multi-functional interlayer
Sulfur-based cathode
lithium batteries
14:0014:20L316Charge-discharge characteristics of carbon-air secondary battery system using Ni/GDC and Ni/YSZ fuel electrode
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Kameda Keisuke, (Reg)Hasegawa Kei, (Reg)Ihara Manabu
Solid oxide fuel cell
Secondary battery
14:2014:40L317Carbon electrode with a uniform diameter of consecutive macropores for redox flow batteries
(Gunma U.) *(Reg)Ishitobi Hirokazu, Shiraishi Soshi, (AION) Tsukada Hidehiko, Tomita Natsumi, (Gunma U.) (Stu)Doki Honoka, (Reg)Nakagawa Nobuyoshi
Redox flow battery
Carbon porous electrode
14:4015:00L318Effect of Particle Dispersion Condition in Electrode Layer on Cell Performance of All-Solid-State Batteries
(Kyushu U.) *(Reg)Inoue G., So M., (Stu)Hirate R., (Reg)Tsuge Y.
All-solid state battery
Numerical simulation
particle dispersion

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