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SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting (2020)

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(Aug. 8) Flash session of SY-69 has been cancelled.
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Keynote lecture

Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall B()
B213 “Sapporo Declaration -From efficiency to sufficiency-” (13:00– 13:20)

(Tohoku U.) Adschiri Tadafumi
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall A()
A301 “Society Needs and Expected Role of Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Future from the Perspective of the Chemical Industry” (9:05– 9:35)

(Sumitomo Chem./ formerly JCIA) Ishitobi Osamu
A302 “Chemistry-Mathematics collaborations in the Digital Society” (9:35– 10:05)

(Tohoku U.) Kotani Motoko

Invited lecture

Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall B()
B108 “Development of MID using molecular bonding technology” (11:20– 12:00)

(Iwate Ind. Res. Inst.) Suzuki Kazunori
B113 “Introduction of Micro LED Display Manufacturing Total Solution” (13:00– 13:20)

(Toray Eng.) Mori Eiji
B114 “The innovative manufacturing for the future in Tohoku area (tentative)” (13:20– 14:00)

(METI Tohoku) Ashida Kazuya
B116 “Development of composite material by molecular bonding technology and its surface interface analysis” (14:00– 14:40)

(Iwate U.) Hirahara Hidetoshi
B119 “Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Fundamentals and Potential Applications” (15:00– 15:40)

(Yamagata U.) *Tokito Shizuo, Nishikawa Takao, Shiba Takeo
B121 “Molecular bonding technology that supports next-generation electronics” (15:40– 16:20)

(Sulfur Chemical Laboratory) Mori Katsuhito
B123 “Development of room-temperature atomic layer deposition and application to ion exchange adsorption membrane” (16:20– 17:00)

(Yamagata U.) Hirose Fumihiko
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall C()
C117 “Life or money? Life and money? Cost and effectiveness of drugs” (14:20– 15:00)

(Yokohama City U./U. Tokyo) Igarashi Ataru
C119 “"Logistics" of drugs as a social system realized from patients perspectives” (15:00– 15:40)

(Alfressa) Fukujin Yusuke
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall D()
D119 “Motion of water-dispersed supramolecular structure exhibiting photoinduced morphological change” (15:00– 15:40)

(Kyoto U.) Higashiguchi Kenji
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall E()
E114 “Catalyst Informatics Approach for the Prediction of Catalytic Reaction Yields” (13:20– 14:00)

(AIST) Yada Akira
E116 “Smart flow process for accelerating functional materials development” (14:00– 14:40)

(AIST) Sue Kiwamu
E121 “Higher-order structure design of polymeric materials by cooperation of coarse-grained simulation and machine learning” (15:40– 16:20)

(AIST) Aoyagi Takeshi
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall F()
F113 “Material processing in supercritical carbon dioxide phase and interface” (13:00– 13:40)

(Tokyo Tech) Shimoyama Yusuke
F115 “Developmet of recycle carbon fiber reinforced resin” (13:40– 14:20)

(Iwate Ind. Res. Inst.) *Murakami Soichiro, Suzuki Kazunori
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall G()
G119 “Inclusion of biomolecules into voids in giant protein-associated hemocyanin crystals” (15:00– 15:40)

(Tohoku U.) Tanaka Yoshikazu
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall H()
H113 “Development and inkjet application of titanium dioxide suspension utilized reversible control method for particle dispersion and flocculation” (13:00– 13:40)

(Shiseido) Nasu Akio
H119 “Functional design of glyco-biomaterials using chemo-enzymatic processes” (15:00– 15:40)

(Fukushima U.) Ogata M.
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall J()
J113 “Vision of Heat Utilization” (13:00– 13:40)

(NEDO) Taniguchi Satoko
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall K()
K113 “Designing a New PSM (Process Safety Management) Framework” (13:00– 13:40)

(Tokyo Tech) Naka Yuji
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall L()
L107 “Utilization of Residential Photovoltaic and Battery” (11:00– 12:00)

(Kyocera) Tonari Hidemichi
L113 “Development of PEM Water Electrolysis” (13:00– 14:00)

(Hitachi Zosen) *Oshiro Hitoshi, Yoshida Tetsuya, Ogawa Shota, Sasaki Yusuke, Izumiya Koichi
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall T()
T108 “Elementary operations for novel process development technology” (11:20– 12:00)

(Kyoto U.) Sotowa Ken-Ichiro
T113 “Development of process intensification technology toward social implementation” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kobe U.) Horie Takafumi
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall U()
U113 “Kinetic trans-omics for insulin-stimulated adipocytes” (13:00– 13:40)

(U. Tokyo) *Ohno Satoshi, Kuroda Shinya
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall V()
V116 “Key Aspects of thermal power plants under high penetration of variable renewable” (14:00– 14:40)

(U. Tokyo IIS) Ogimoto Kazuhiko
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall X()
X113 “Gas turbine for Supercritical CO2 Cycle Fossil Power System” (13:00– 13:40)

(Toshiba ESS) Takahashi Takeo
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall B()
B214 “Toward female engineers' active work in chemical plants -Challenges and prospects from the company's point of view-” (13:20– 13:40)

(Mitsui Chemicals) Wakita Yukiko
B215 “Current situation and issues of gender equality in the field of chemical engineering” (13:40– 14:00)

(Waseda U.) Tokoro Chiharu
B216 “Gender mainstreaming and job description based recruitment in the implementation of the UN environmental technology transfer project” (14:00– 14:20)

(UNIDO) Iino Fukuya
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall C()
C208 “Climate-related disclosure and management: TCFD disclosure and Portfolio alignment to 1.5 degree” (11:20– 12:00)

(CDP Japan) Takase Kae
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall E()
E207 “Support activities for female researchers and engineers at Iwate University” (11:00– 11:40)

(Iwate U.) Naito Kazumi
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall G()
G213 “Introduction of analyzing crystallization process with PAT tool” (13:00– 13:40)

(FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical) Seo Kiwamu
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall K()
K213 “A new HVPE growth technique which brings high quality GaN substrates; maskless-3D” (13:00– 13:20)

(Sciocs) Yoshida Takehiro
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall L()
L215 “Challenges to Governmental Support for R&D on FCV beyond 2030” (13:40– 14:00)

(NEDO) Hara Daishu
L216 “Toward the Future Fuel Cell - Challenge for 2030/2040 -” (14:00– 14:20)

(Fuel Cell Commercialization Conference of Japan) *Takano Jun, Miura Shimpei, Yamada Kota, Yasumoto Eiichi, Shinohara Kazuhiko, Iiyama Akihiro, Kubo Norio, Shimotori Soichiro
L217 “FCV R&D Strategy for 2030 /2040 Target” (14:20– 15:00)

(Toyota Central R&D Lab.) *Kuzuya Takashi, (Honda R&D) Tanaka Shintaro, (Toyota Motor) Sano Seiji
L219 “Questions to Answers” (15:00– 15:20)

(NEDO) Hara Daishu, (Fuel Cell Commercialization Conference of Japan) Takano Jun, (Toyota Motor/Toyota ZEV Factory) Sano Seiji, (Honda R&D) Tanaka Shintaro, (Toyota Central R&D Lab.) Kuzuya Takashi
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall S()
S201 “Prospects of Process Intensification with Membrane Reactor” (9:00– 9:40)

(Waseda U.) Matsukata Masahiko
S203 “Histry and Trend of Hydrogen-permeable Membrane Reactor” (9:40– 10:20)

(Gifu U.) Uemiya Shigeyuki
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall V()
V213 “Computational explorations into the molecular mechanism of thermal energy storage material” (13:00– 13:40)

(AIST) Ishida Toyokazu
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall A()
A303 “Roles of Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Carbon Cycles” (10:05– 10:25)

(Tohoku U.) Fukushima Yasuhiro
A304 “The importance and the future prospects of chemical engineering through many of research projects” (10:25– 10:45)

(Kyushu U.) Inoue Gen
A305 “Some examples of chemical engineering's role in 2040” (10:45– 11:05)

(ENEOS Holdings) Furuta Satoshi
A306 “Paradigm shift driven by AI chip and AI-based material discovery in IoT era” (11:05– 11:25)

(IBM Research-Tokyo) *Nomura Akiyo, Takeda Seiji
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall K()
K313 “Characterization of silicon and nitrogen doped diamond-like carbon thin films prepared by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition” (13:00– 13:20)

(Hirosaki U.) Nakazawa Hideki

Review lecture

Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall G()
G102 “Development of crystallization operation design for production of high quality crystalline particles” (9:20– 10:00)

(TUAT) Takiyama Hiroshi
G108 “Surface melting of ice crystals visualized by advanced optical microscopy” (11:20– 12:00)

(Hokkaido U.) *Sazaki Gen, Murata Ken-ichiro, Nagashima Ken, Furukawa Yoshinori, (Yamaguchi U.) Asakawa Harutoshi
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall I()
I119 “Solvent-free organic synthesis involving solid reactants” (15:00– 15:40)

(Iwate U.) Yokota Masaaki
I121 “Process intensification (PI) of CO2 resourcing process developed by catalytic reaction engineering and auto-methanation technology operating at room temperature” (15:40– 16:20)

(Shizuoka U.) Fukuhara Choji
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall N()
N101 “Current Status and Future Perspective of Simulation for Free Surface Flow and Multi-phase Flow using Particle Methods” (9:00– 9:40)

(U. Tokyo) Koshizuka Seiichi
N113 “Effects bubbles and surface modification with polymers on membrane functions of phospholipid vesicles” (13:00– 13:40)

(Yamaguchi U.) Yoshimoto Makoto
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall T()
T114 “Process intensification of distillation by thermal or mechanical integration” (13:20– 14:00)

(AIST) Nakaiwa Masaru
T119 “Development of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Measurement System and Measurement Technology” (15:00– 15:40)

(Nihon U.) Hiaki Toshihiko
T123 “Progress in Distillation Models and Distillation Column Design” (16:20– 17:00)

(NITech) Mori Hideki
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall Y()
Y113 “Attempt to clarify the mechanism of kinetic hydrate inhibitor by unidirectional growth method” (13:00– 13:40)

(AIST) *Muraoka Michihiro, (UIS) Kelland Malcolm, (AIST) Yamamoto Yoshitaka, Tenma Norio
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall K()
K208 “Future Prospects of Plasma Deposition Technology” (11:20– 12:00)

(Tohoku U. NICHe) Goto Tetsuya
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall M()
M213 “Overview of pulsed power and plasma applications in agriculture and food processing” (13:00– 13:40)

(Iwate U.) Takaki Koichi
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall X()
X206 “Numerical approaches in simulating chemically reacting flows toward a better reactor design for closing carbon cycle” (10:40– 11:20)

(Nagoya U.) Norinaga Koyo
X213 “Hydrocarbonomics for Hydrocarbon Resources Conversion” (13:00– 13:40)

(AIST) *Morimoto Masato, (Idemitsu/Nagoya U.) Tanaka Ryuzo
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall Y()
Y213 “Complicated High-Pressure Phase Transition Behavior of Ionic Liquids” (13:00– 13:40)

(Nat. Defense Academy) *Takekiyo Takahiro, Mori Tomoyoshi, Yoshimura Yukihiro
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall D()
D301 “Carbon Recycling Technology Perspectives for CO2 emission reduction” (9:20– 10:00)

(Waseda U.) Nakagaki Takao
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall K()
K308 “Concept, design and future of semi-batch type ALD equipment and process” (11:20– 12:00)

(TTS) *Katoh Hitoshi, Seshimo Yuji
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall M()
M313 “Development of Digital Twin Technology of Stirred Tank Reactor” (13:00– 13:40)

(Yokohama Nat. U.) Misumi Ryuta

Requested talk

Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall C()
C113 “Systems med&pharma: as a new section in SIS division and a new field” (13:00– 13:40)

(U. Tokyo) Sugiyama Hirokazu
C115 “Development of nanoparticles for diagnosis by considering living bodies as a system” (13:40– 14:20)

(U. Tokyo) Ohta Seiichi
C121 “Redefining healthcare system by technologizing medical processes” (15:40– 16:20)

(Keio U.) Yahagi Naohisa
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall E()
E123 “Discrete surface theory and its applications to material sciences” (16:20– 16:40)

(Nagoya U.) *Naito Hisashi, (Tohoku U.) Kotani Motoko
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall J()
J108 “Active heat exchanger with high durability and performance by controlling precipitation” (11:20– 12:00)

(Tohoku U. IMRAM) *Maruoka Nobuhiro, (Mabuchi-Eng.) *Ono Toshimitsu, (Tohoku U.) Yamamoto Takuya, (Obama Onsen Energy) Sasaki Hiroshi, (Mabuchi-Eng.) Endo Satoshi, Aizawa Tadanobu, (Tokyo U. Tech./JASFA) Takashima Tadashi, (JASFA) Oyama Katsuhiro, Maeda Keiichiro, (Miyagi Pref. Ind. Tech. Inst.) Konno Masanori, Ura Keisuke, Ito Nobuhiro
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall K()
K115 “LOPA translation working group activities” (13:40– 14:00)

(Tokyo Tech) Fuchino Tetsuo, (Safety Case Lab.) *Iuchi Kensuke, (TUAT) Kitajima Teiji, (JNIOSH) Shimada Yukiyasu
K116 “Utilization of Logic Tree Analysis Results to Learn from Experiences of Process Safety Incidents” (14:00– 14:20)

(Tokyo Tech) Fuchino Tetsuo
K117 “Development of Prediction Model for Environmental Condition of Deterioration Phenomena for Asset Integrity Management” (14:20– 14:40)

(Tokyo Tech) Fuchino Tetsuo
K119 “A study on requirements for implementation of smart engineering support system for management-of-change based on business process model” (15:00– 15:20)

(Shizuoka U.) *Takeda Kazuhiro, (Tokyo Tech) Fuchino Tetsuo, (Saito MOT Lab) Saito Hideo, (TUAT) Kitajima Teiji, (Safety Case Lab.) Iuchi Kensuke, (JNIOSH) Shimada Yukiyasu
Day 1(Sep. 24), Hall S()
S113 “Novel membrane process for highly concentrated solutions without heating and high pressure” (13:00– 13:20)

(Asahi Kasei) *Takada R., Kubota N.
S114 “Refining processes of used organic solvents with distillation and membrane” (13:20– 13:40)

(RHD) *Ozeki Yuuichi, Kosuge Hitoshi, Hori Hiroshi
S115 “Relationship between Surface Water Conditions and Transmembrane Pressure of MF membrane” (13:40– 14:00)

(Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions) Kodera Hiroya
S116 “High Salinity Concentration Technology-Development of Hollow Fiber Brine Concentration Membrane-” (14:00– 14:20)

(Toyobo) Han Joomi
S119 “Development of water treatment membrane using innovative cellulose derivative” (15:00– 15:20)

(Daicel) *Hamada Toyozo, Takao Shota, Shibata Masahide, Otsubo Chihiro
S120 “Development of Anti-Fouling High Pressure RO and Application to ZLD process” (15:20– 15:40)

(Nitto Denko) *Miyabe Tomotsugu, Echizen Masashi, Noumi Shunsuke
S121 “Innovative membrane technologies for Artificial photo synthesis process” (15:40– 16:00)

(Mitsubishi Chemical) Setoyama Tohru
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall C()
C202 “Changing Levelized Cost of Electricity and Future Energy System and Society” (9:10– 9:50)

(Shinshu U./X-Scientia) Koyama Michihisa
C204 “Perspective on the Future Ironmaking Process toward Carbon Dioxide Mitigation” (9:50– 10:30)

(Tohoku U.) Ariyama Tatsuro
C206 “Carbon-neutral coproduction of power, chemicals and iron” (10:40– 11:20)

(Kyushu U.) *Hayashi Jun-ichiro, Kudo Shinji, (Kyoto U.) Mae Kazuhiro
C213 “Global Trend of CO2 Utilization (second report)” (13:00– 13:40)

(IAE) Kurosawa Atsushi
C215 “R&D trends in CO2 capture technology” (13:40– 14:20)

(AIST) Endo Akira
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall D()
D213 “Role of engineering education for fostering engineers” (13:00– 13:20)

(Tohoku U.) Hiromori Kousuke
Day 2(Sep. 25), Hall E()
E210 “Activities in the laboratory "Characterization of complex fluids"” (12:00– 12:30)

(Yamaguchi U.) Kaide Aya
E211 “Research, education, nanoparticles and me” (12:30– 13:00)

(Ibaraki U.) Yamauchi N.
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall D()
D313 “JGC Group's approach to CCUS technologies” (13:00– 13:40)

(JGC) Fujimura Yasushi
Day 3(Sep. 26), Hall E()
E313 “Synthesis of CpG-(dA)m adjuvant using enzyme and polysaccharide” (13:05– 13:15)

(NIT Kitakyushu) *Takahara Mari, (U. Kitakyushu) Matsunaga Takuya, Mochizuki Shinichi, Sakurai Kazuo
E314 “Environmentally-friendly Syntheses of Functional Nanoparticles” (13:15– 13:25)

(Yamaguchi U.) Ishii Haruyuki
E315 “Production of nano sized devices using high pressure carbon dioxide water and ultra sonication.” (13:25– 13:35)

(Fukuoka U.) *Aida Taku, Sharmin Tanjina, Mishima Kenji, Tachibana Katsuro
E316 “Novel porous material processing via carbon dioxide utilization at supercritical state” (13:35– 13:45)

(Hiroshima U.) Ushiki Ikuo
E317 “Biomass conversion using micro-technology” (13:45– 13:55)

(Kyoto U.) Muranaka Yosuke
E318 “Application potential of metal-organic framework toward pharmaceutical field” (14:05– 14:15)

(Osaka Pref. U.) Ohsaki Shuji
E319 “Development of Carbon Fiber and CFRP to Contribute to Sustainability” (14:15– 14:25)

(Nagoya U.) Irisawa Toshihira
E320 “Synthesis of hydrophobic zeolite membrane” (14:25– 14:35)

(Gifu U.) Oumi Yasunori
E321 “Development of Efficient Methods to Deposit an Inorganic Material into Carbon Materials at a Nano-level” (14:35– 14:45)

(Hokkaido U.) Iwamura Shinichiroh
E322 “Upgrading of heavy oil over metal oxide catalyst under superheated water vapor atmosphere” (14:45– 14:55)

(Hokkaido Res. Org. IRI) *Kondoh Hisaki, (Hokkaido U.) Yoshikawa Takuya, Nakasaka Yuta, (Tokyo Tech) Tago Teruoki, (Hokkaido U.) Masuda Takao
E323 “Scale-up For Continuous Anionic Polymerization Of Monodispersed Polystyrene With Flow microreactor” (15:05– 15:15)

(Ajinomoto/MCPSC-KU) *Endo Yuta, Nakahara Yuichi, (Toho Chemical Ind./MCPSC-KU) Furusawa Mai, (TACMINA/MCPSC-KU) Shimazaki Toshiya, (Kyoto U./MCPSC-KU) Takahashi Yusuke, Nagaki Aiichiro
E324 “Selective hydrodeoxygenation of polyols over carbon supported copper nanoparticle catalyst with high metal loading” (15:15– 15:25)

(Tokyo Tech) *Fujitsuka Hiroyasu, Nakagawa Koji, Tago Teruoki
E325 “Structured plate-type reactor with enhanced heat and mass transfer -an application to dry reforming of methane with CO2-” (15:25– 15:35)

(AIST) Fukuda Takashi
E326 “Development of Microwave Heating System for Hyperthermia Treatments and Non- invasive temperature measurement Method” (15:35– 15:45)

(NIT Hachinohe) Iseki Yuya
E327 “Quantification of Materially Retained Carbon by means of Waste Input-Output Material Flow Analysis” (15:45– 15:55)

(Tohoku U.) Ohno Hajime

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