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SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting (2020)

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Session programs : SY-66

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(Aug. 8) Flash session of SY-69 has been cancelled.
(Aug. 24,27) Schedule of SY-74 (X306, X307) and HQ-11 (D301) has been changed.

SY-66 [Symposium of Division of Systems, Information and Simulation Technologies]
Development of Systems Approach Aiming at Process Intensification

Organizers: Matsumoto Hideyuki (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Matsuda Keigo (Yamagata Univ.), Horie Takafumi (Kobe Univ.)

Hall T, Day 1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall T(), Day 1(Sep. 24)
(9:00–10:00) (Chair: Atsumi Ryosuke)
9:009:20T101Decision support method for the choice between batch and flow syntheses in drug substance manufacturing
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Kim Junu, (Shionogi Pharma) (Cor)Yonekura Hironori, (Shionogi) (Cor)Watanabe Takeaki, (Shionogi Pharma) (Reg)Yoshikawa Satoshi, (Reg)Nakanishi Hayao, (U. Tokyo) (Reg)Sugiyama Hirokazu
Drug substance manufacturing
Batch and flow syntheses
9:209:40T102Observation of mixing and flowing state in a batch-type oscillatory baffled reactor
(Kobe U.) *(Stu)Murotani Ryosuke, (Reg)Horie Takafumi, (Sekisui Chemical) (Reg)Yakushiji Hikaru, (Cor)Nakata Naoki, (Kobe U.) (Reg)Komoda Yoshiyuki, (Reg)Ohmura Naoto
oscillatory baffled reactor
9:4010:00T103Investigation of catalyst structure-performance relationship in dry reforming of methane by using lattice Boltzmann method
(Nagoya U.) *(Stu)Lin Yixiong, (Int)Zhang Wei, (Reg)Machida Hiroshi, (Reg)Norinaga Koyo
Lattice Boltzmann method
Structure-performance relationship
Dry reforming of methane
(10:00–11:20) (Chair: Horie Takafumi)
10:0010:20T104Design of high-selective toluene hydrogenation process using semi-empirical prediction model for byproducts formation behavior
(AIST) *(Reg)Atsumi Ryosuke, (Tokyo Tech/AIST) (Reg)Matsumoto Hideyuki, (Tokyo Tech) (Stu)Takai Yohei, (AIST) Kojima Hirokazu, Tsujimura Taku
Hydrogen energy
Renewable enegy
Process intensification
10:4011:00T106Methods of spatiotemporal data analysis for development of semi-empirical prediction model for generation of trace hydrocarbon
(Tokyo Tech) *(Stu)Takai Yohei, (Tokyo Tech/AIST) (Reg)Matsumoto Hideyuki, (AIST) (Reg)Atsumi Ryosuke, Kojima Hirokazu, Tsujimura Taku
Hydrogen carrier
Spatiotemporal data analysis
semi-empirical prediction model
11:0011:20T107Application of DEM-CFD simulation to rotary powder die-filling
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Tsugeno Yoshiharu, Takabatake Kazuya, (Reg)Sakai Mikio
Discrete Element Method
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Die Filling
(11:20–12:00) (Chair: Matsumoto Hideyui)
11:2012:00T108[Invited lecture] Elementary operations for novel process development technology
(Kyoto U.) (Reg)Sotowa Ken-Ichiro
process intensification
unit operation
process development
(13:00–13:20) (Chair: Matsuda Keigo)
13:0013:20T113[Invited lecture] Development of process intensification technology toward social implementation
(Kobe U.) (Reg)Horie Takafumi
Process intensification
Continuous process
Dynamic operation

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