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SCEJ 51st Autumn Meeting (2020)

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(Aug. 8) Flash session of SY-69 has been cancelled.
(Aug. 24,27) Schedule of SY-74 (X306, X307) and HQ-11 (D301) has been changed.

SV-1 Chemical Engineering Vision Symposium 6 - A Vision of Chemical Engineering to Satisfy Needs of People or Future Society

Organizers: Ono Tsutomu (Okayama Univ.), Kubota Nobuhiko (IHI), Shimoyama Yusuk (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Shoda Ayako (Chiyoda), Tsuji Yoshiko (Univ. of Tokyo), Watanabe Satoshi (Kyoto Univ.)

Hall A, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall A(), Day 3(Sep. 26)
9:009:05Opening remark
(IHI / President of SCEJ) (Reg)Sekido Toshinori
(9:05–10:05) (Chair: Shoda Ayako)
9:059:35A301[Keynote lecture] Society Needs and Expected Role of Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Future from the Perspective of the Chemical Industry
(Sumitomo Chem./ formerly JCIA) Ishitobi Osamu
Vision symposium
9:3510:05A302[Keynote lecture] Chemistry-Mathematics collaborations in the Digital Society
(Tohoku U.) Kotani Motoko
Vision symposium
(10:05–11:25) (Chair: Ono Tsutomu)
10:0510:25A303[Invited lecture] Roles of Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Carbon Cycles
(Tohoku U.) (Reg)Fukushima Yasuhiro
Vision symposium
10:2510:45A304[Invited lecture] The importance and the future prospects of chemical engineering through many of research projects
(Kyushu U.) (Reg)Inoue Gen
Vision symposium
10:4511:05A305[Invited lecture] Some examples of chemical engineering's role in 2040
(ENEOS Holdings) Furuta Satoshi
Vision symposium
11:0511:25A306[Invited lecture] Paradigm shift driven by AI chip and AI-based material discovery in IoT era
(IBM Research-Tokyo) *Nomura Akiyo, Takeda Seiji
Vision symposium
(11:25–11:55) (Chair: Shimoyama Yusuke)
11:2511:55Panel discussion
(11:55–12:05) (Chair: Watanabe Satoshi)
11:5512:05Closing remark

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