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SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting (Okayama, 2021)

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Hall and day program : Hall VR, Day 3 : VR315

ST-25,SY-56,SY-64,SY-65,SY-70 are changed from live streaming sessions to online sessions.
The preprints are now open (Sep. 8). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants (excludes free registration) and invited persons are required.

Hall VR(Online), Day 3(Sep. 24)


Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
SY-74 [Symposium of Division of Energy Engineering]
(9:20–10:20) (Chair: Nomura Takahiro)
9:209:40VR302Development of a novel method for increasing the low-molecular-weight components of low-grade coals under mild conditions combining oxygen oxidation and formic acid reduction reaction
(Kyoto U.) *(Stu)Ren Jie, (Reg)Ashida Ryuichi, (Reg)Kawase Motoaki, (KOBELCO) (Cor)Sakai Kouji, (Cor)Okuyama Noriyuki
Low grade coal
Formic acid
low-molecular-weight components
9:4010:00VR303Synthetic Model Compound for Asphaltene Aggregation Behavior
(AIST) *(Reg·APCE)Morimoto Masato, (U. Alberta) Scott David, Hamilton Robin, Stryker Jeffery, Tykwinski Rik, Gray Murray
Model compound
Molecular aggregation
10:0010:20VR304Effect of operation conditions on the hydrogen recovery ratio on the methane decomposition process
(Kyoto U.) (Reg)Nakagawa Hiroyuki
Methane decomposition
Hydrogen recovery ratio
Process effeciency
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Yamashita Seiji)
10:4011:00VR306Fundamental heat transfer analysis of packed bed latent heat storage system for high-temperature thermal energy storage
(Hokkaido U.) *(Stu)Tsukiashi R., (Stu)Sakai H., (Stu)Kawaguchi T., Satou Y., Ade Kurniawan, (Reg)Nomura T.
Phase change material
Latent heat storage
11:0011:20VR307Surface morphology control of Al-Si alloy-based micro-encapsulated phase change material for high temperature application
(Hokkaido U.) *(Stu)Ajito D., (Stu)Kawaguchi T., (Stu)Sakai H., Dong K., Ade Kurniawan, (Reg)Nomura T.
Phase change material
Latent heat storage
11:2011:40VR308Development of a core-shell type microencapsulated Sn phase change material by dry impact blending preparation method
(Hokkaido U.) *(Stu)Ishida R., (Stu)Sakai H., (Stu)Kawaguchi T., Ade K., (Reg)Nomura T.
Phase change material
Latent heat storage
11:4012:00VR309Development of Zn-Al alloy-based micro-encapsulated phase change material for middle temperature heat source
(Hokkaido U.) *(Stu)Kawaguchi T., (Stu)Sakai H., Ade K., (Reg)Nomura T.
Phase change material
Latent heat storage
(13:00–14:20) (Chair: Osaka Yugo)
13:0013:40VR313[Invited lecture] Approach to the carbon neutrality by energy circulation technology
(Toyota Central R&D Lab.) (Cor)Baba Naoki
Carbon neutral
13:4014:00VR315Performance Evaluation of Heat Pipes under Gamma Ray Irradiation
(TEPCO HD) *(Reg)Harada Masaru, Fukaya Yuichi, (U. Tokyo) Morimoto Kyota, Kawashima Akihito, Zhang Yao, Suzuki Shunichi
Heat pipe
Water radiolysis
14:0014:20VR316Increasing transportation heat and reducing pressure loss in erythritol/silicon-oil mixture as heat exchange medium
(Chiba U.) *(Stu)Watanabe Kurumi, Hirano Yuka, (Reg)Hirose Yuji, (Reg)Ogura Hironao
Heat Transportation
Latent Heat

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