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SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting (Okayama, 2021)

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Session programs : SY-64

ST-25,SY-56,SY-64,SY-65,SY-70 are changed from live streaming sessions to online sessions.
The preprints are now open (Sep. 8). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants (excludes free registration) and invited persons are required.

SY-64 [Symposium of Division of Systems, Information and Simulation Technologies]
Recent Research and Development of Process Systems Engineering (Changed to Virtual)

Organizers: Kim Sanghong (Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.), Kobayashi Daisuke (Tokyo Denki Univ.)

ST-25, SY-56, SY-64, SY-65, SY-70 were changed to Online session.

Hall LD, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall LD(Online), Day 2(Sep. 23)
(9:00–10:00) (Chair: Takatsuka Kayoko, Kobayashi Daisuke)
9:009:20LD201Kinetic Analysis of Gas-Solid Reaction for Nonporous Solid Reactants Using Neural Network
(Kyoto U.) *(Stu·PCEF)Katarao T., (Reg)Tonomura O., (Reg)Sotowa K.
Gas-solid reaction
Kinetic analysis
Neural network
9:209:40LD202Comparison of Dot Matrix Analysis and Dynamic Programing Method in Identifying Sequential Alarms in Plant Operation Data
(Fukuoka U.) *(Stu)Fukuchi Daisuke, (Reg)Noda Masaru
Sequential Alarms
Dot Matrix Analysis
Plant Operation Data
9:4010:00LD203Simultaneous modeling and optimization of simulated moving bed chromatography using superstructure
(Nagoya U.) *(Stu·PCEF)Sekishita Kosuke, (PCEF)Suzuki Kensuke, (Reg)Yajima Tomoyuki, (Reg)Kawajiri Yoshiaki
Simulated moving bed chromatography
Parameter estimation
(10:40–11:40) (Chair: Noda Masaru, Yamashita Yoshiyuki)
10:4011:00LD206Digital models for generating Big Data Sets: The need, lessons learnt and future perspectives
(U. Tokyo) *(Int)Abeykonn Udugama Isuru, (T.H-Nurenberg) Bayer Christoph, (DTU) Kulahci Murat, Gernaey Krist
Big Data
Process Control
Process Monitoring
11:0011:20LD207A systems approach for enhancing the efficiency of downstream purification units for monoclonal antibody production
(U. Tokyo) *(Int)Badr Sara, Shigeyama Akinori, (Reg)Takahashi Nozomi, (Reg)Sugiyama Hirokazu
Continuous operations
Hybrid modelling
11:2011:40LD208Fill-freeze-thaw process design of human induced pluripotent stem cells using hybrid models
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Hayashi Yusuke, (Osaka U.) (Reg)Kino-oka Masahiro, (U. Tokyo) (Reg)Sugiyama Hirokazu
Regenerative medicine
Grey-box model
(13:00–14:20) (Chair: Kim Sanghong, Badr Sara)
13:0013:20LD213[Featured presentation] [The Outstanding Paper Award] Physical-Principle Based Extended Attributes for Process Fault Detection
(TUAT) *(Reg·PCE)Xia Junqing, (Reg)Yamashita Yoshiyuki
Fault Detection
Grey-box Process Modeling
Process Monitoring
13:2013:40LD214Formulation of the method of Integrated Performance Management in process industry
(TUAT) *(Stu)Kobayashi Yasunori, (Reg)Yamashita Yoshiyuki
Performance Management
Process Manufacturing
13:4014:00LD215Fault Detection of Chemical process based on Deep Neural Networks with Continuous Wavelet Transform
(TUAT) *(Stu)Ukawa Chinatsu, (Reg)Yamashita Yoshiyuki
Fault Detection
Neural Network
Continuous Wavelet Transform
14:0014:20LD216An approach for estimating the geographical distribution of infectious disease epidemic hazards. -Use of COVID-19 infection data
(U. Miyazaki) *(Reg)Takatsuka Kayoko, Kozakai Yuya, Kuroda Yoshiki, Sekiguchi Satoshi, Aburada Kentaro, Okazaki Naonobu
infectious disease epidemic potential hazards
keeling model
COVID-19 infection data

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