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SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting (Okayama, 2021)

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ST-25,SY-56,SY-64,SY-65,SY-70 are changed from live streaming sessions to online sessions.
The preprints are now open (Sep. 8). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants (excludes free registration) and invited persons are required.

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Plenary lecture

Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall LA(B41 Live/Online)
LA225 “Recent developments in photovoltaics” (17:00– 18:00)

(U. New South Wales) Martin Green

Keynote lecture

Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VA(Online)
VA314 “Well-being and water” (13:10– 13:40)

(JWU) Miyazaki Akane

Invited lecture

Day 0(Sep. 21), Hall LA(B41 Live/Online)
LA002 “The Present Situation of Carbon Recycle Technologies and the Practical Use in Real Industries” (13:20– 14:00)

(Hiroshima U.) Saima Hitoshi
LA003 “Our Progress as a Regional PPS and the Future of Renewable Energy” (14:00– 14:40)

(Okayama Electric Power) *Hirai Takaaki, Mukudai Rikuto
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall LA(B41 Live/Online)
LA106 “Nanotechnology & Science in the Manufacturing of Functional Materials” (10:40– 11:20)

(PIA) Yamaguchi Yukio
LA108 “Produce nanomaterials quickly and densely: Our efforts on carbon nanotubes” (11:20– 12:00)

(Waseda U.) Noda Suguru
LA114 “Characterization and design of surface interaction between nanometer scaled particles” (13:20– 14:00)

(TUAT) Kamiya Hidehiro
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall LB(A37 Live/Online)
LB108 “Numerical analyses for material processes using thermal plasma flows” (11:20– 12:00)

(Tohoku U.) Shigeta Masaya
LB113 “Value Creation of Geothermal Power towards Carbon Neutral” (13:00– 13:40)

(Baseload Power Japan) Kawauchi Nobuyuki
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall LG(B32 Live/Online)
LG113 “Development of biological properties of chitin nanofibers from crab shell for commercial applications” (13:00– 13:40)

(Tottori U.) Ifuku Shinsuke
LG115 “Single nanoparticle synthesis of functional materials using microchemical processes” (13:40– 14:20)

(NCJ) Nakazaki Yoshiaki
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VC(Online)
VC119 “Control of physical properties of CNT yarns spun directly from tall and dense CNT arrays and their application to energy and mechanical devices” (15:10– 15:40)

(Okayama U.) Hayashi Yasuhiko
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VD(Online)
VD113 “Design and Fabrication of Porous Electrodes for Fuel Cells and Redox Flow Batteries” (13:00– 14:00)

(Osaka U.) *Tsushima Shoji, Suzuki Takahiro
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VE(Online)
VE113 “Role of Process Systems Engineering” (13:00– 13:40)

(TUAT) Kim Sanghong
VE115 “Immunogenicity Enhancement of Peptide and Protein Vaccines by using Protein Polymerization Technology” (13:40– 14:20)

(Kyushu U.) Minamihata Kosuke
VE117 “To maximize the data value in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing” (14:20– 15:00)

(Daiichi Sankyo) Nakagawa Hiroshi
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VJ(Online)
VJ113 “Development of MOF-related adsorbents” (13:00– 13:40)

(Oita U.) Kondo Atsushi
VJ120 “Development of pincer type extractants and research challenge of multi-collector effect for extractant and flotation collector” (15:20– 16:00)

(Akita U.) *Shibayama Atsushi, Yamada Manabu, Haga Kazutoshi
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VM(Online)
VM113 “Information processing of life science data” (13:00– 13:40)

(Osaka U.) Seno Shigeto
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VS(Online)
VS107 “Sustainable development goals for crystallization technology” (11:00– 11:40)

(Waseda U.) Hirasawa I.
VS116 “Crystallization examples of inorganic fine particles” (14:00– 14:40)

(Tsukishima Kikai) Douya Y.
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall LA(B41 Live/Online)
LA201 “Development of grid cooperated /distributed energy system using energy big data” (9:00– 9:40)

(Tokyo Tech) Ihara Manabu
LA203 “High-throughput experimentation and data science realize materials design from scratch” (9:40– 10:20)

(JAIST) Taniike Toshiaki
LA206 “How to solve global agriculture and environmental issues through satellite data” (10:40– 11:20)

(Sagri) Tsuboi Shunsuke
LA208 “Invitation for a book project supported by artificial intelligence” (11:20– 12:00)

(Springer Japan) Koizumi Shinichi
LA213 “Applied digital technology for bioproduction process” (13:00– 13:40)

(Ajinomoto) Tokuyama Kento
LA215 “Polymer design utilizing materials informatics in corporation” (13:40– 14:20)

(Mitsui Chemicals) Mukaida Shiho
LA218 “Development of Simulation based on Deep Learning and Its Application to Material Exploration” (14:40– 15:20)

(Preferred Networks) Sawada Ryohto
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall LB(A37 Live/Online)
LB208 “Present trends and future prospects for medical applications of diamond-like carbon” (11:20– 12:00)

(Okayama U. Sci.) Nakatani Tatsuyuki
LB213 “High-Speed Measurement of Temperature Fluctuation in Multiphase AC Arc and Nanoparticle Synthesis” (13:00– 13:40)

(Panasonic) *Okuma Takafumi, (Kyushu U.) Suenaga Takuya, (Panasonic) Maruyama Hiroki, Nagai Hisao, Koiwasaki Takeshi, (Kyushu U.) Tanaka Manabu, Watanabe Takayuki
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall LE(A37 Live/Online)
LE201 “Addressing the Challenges of Plastics” (9:00– 9:40)

(Mitsui Chemicals) Sekiguchi Michiru
LE206 “Efforts to recycle manufacturing process wastewater” (10:40– 11:20)

(LION) Nishikawa Naoki
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VB(Online)
VB210 “Challenges of Gender Equality in Okayama University ~Woman Tenure Track System” (12:10– 12:30)

(Okayama U.) Imamura Koreyoshi
VB211 “Being attracted with biomineral” (12:30– 12:50)

(Okayama U.) Nemoto Michiko
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VC(Online)
VC206 “Challenge to simulation of microspace and macrotime structural changes under plasma irradiation” (10:50– 11:20)

(Nat. I. Fusion Sci.) Ito Atsushi
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VD(Online)
VD207 “The Development of the New Fuel Cell System in the Second-generation Mirai” (11:00– 12:00)

(Toyota) Takahashi Tsuyoshi
VD213 “Implementation of Fuel Cell Systems in a Brewery to Reduce CO2 Emissions” (13:00– 14:00)

(Asahi Q&I) Kawamura Kimito
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VE(Online)
VE201 “Process intensification by contactor type membrane reactors” (9:00– 9:40)

(Shibaura Inst. Tech.) Nomura Mikihiro
VE203 “Development of zeolite structured catalysts with reaction-separation functions” (9:40– 10:20)

(Osaka U.) Nishiyama Norikazu
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VF(Online)
VF201 “Development of Novel Evaluation and Improvement of Measurement Accuracy of Physical Properties for Green Process and Materials” (9:00– 9:20)

(Tohoku U.) Hiraga Y.
VF213 “Evaluation of thermophysical properties for design of transport phenomena plants” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kyushu U.) Esaki Takehiro
VF214 “Quantification of molecular interactions at the interface of organic thin films using quartz crystal” (13:20– 13:40)

(AIST) Kanasaki Y.
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VI(Online)
VI213 “Exergy Theory for Zero CO2 Emission in Industry” (13:00– 13:40)

(U. Tokyo) Tsutsumi Atsushi
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VN(Online)
VN213 “History of Supercritical Fluid Research Division and Contribution to Research Activity in Japan” (13:00– 13:40)

(Tohoku U.) Inomata Hiroshi
VN215 “R&D of practical materials/processes via supercritical fluids in AIST as a hub institute for government, academia, and industry” (13:40– 14:20)

(AIST) Yoda Satoshi
VN217 “International collaboration and commercialization through industry-academia collaboration in supercritical fluid technology” (14:20– 15:00)

(Nagoya U.) Goto Motonobu
VN219 “A perspective on the impact of supercritical fluid research published by SCF Division and related members” (15:00– 15:40)

(Tohoku U.) Smith Richard
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall LD(Online)
LD314 “Exploring new biomarkers for COVID-19 using comprehensive analysis of modified nucleosides” (13:30– 13:50)

(Kumamoto U.) *Nagayoshi Yu, Tomizawa Kazuhito, (AiSTI Sci.) Asai Tomoki, Sasano Ryoichi, (Shimadzu) Kunisawa Akihiro, Hattori Takanari, Watanabe Jun, Mukai Norio
LD316 “Rapid In Vitro Selection of Antibody-like Proteins Against SARS-CoV-2” (14:10– 14:40)

(Nagoya U.) Kondo Taishi, (Nagoya Medical Center) Iwatani Yasumasa, Matsuoka Kazuhiro, (Nagoya U.) Fujino Tomoshige, Umemoto Shun, (Nagoya Medical Center) Yokomaku Yoshiyuki, (Nagoya U.) Hayasi Gosuke, *Murakami Hiroshi
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall LE(A37 Live/Online)
LE306 “Research activities in AIST for continuous manufacturing of fine chemicals” (10:40– 11:20)

(AIST) Koumura Nagatoshi
LE313 “Machine-learning-assisted simultaneous multiparameter screening in flow synthesis” (13:00– 13:40)

(Osaka U.) Sasai Hiroaki
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall LF(A36 Live/Online)
LF301 “Data-driven powder-film-formation Process Informatics” (9:00– 9:40)

(U. Tokyo) Nagato Keisuke
LF313 “Molecular simulation of coating/drying process in the fabrication of catalyst layer of polymer electrolyte fuel cell.” (13:00– 13:40)

(Tohoku U.) *Tokumasu Takashi, Mabuchi Takuya, Guo Yuting
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VA(Online)
VA315 “On-site Water Treatment and Supply System - an Approach to the SDGs -” (13:40– 14:10)

(Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions) *Sahara Emi, Todoriki Hiroaki
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VB(Online)
VB306 “CO2 capture from the perspective of exergy” (10:40– 11:20)

(U. Tokyo) Kansha Yasuki
VB313 “Strategy for Carbon Neutrality by Sumitomo Chemical” (13:00– 13:40)

(Sumitomo Chemical) Kimata Shuichi
VB315 “Decarbonizing the natural gas supply chain” (13:40– 14:20)

(Air Water) Fujii Saki
VB318 “Analysis of the effect of CO2 concentration on the performance of CO2 separation membrane” (14:40– 15:20)

(Tokyo Tech) Kodama Satoshi
VB320 “Direct synthesis of para-Xylene from CO2 by capsule catalyst” (15:20– 16:00)

(U. Toyama) Tsubaki Noritatsu
VB322 “Carbon Dioxide Utilization Technologies by Mineral Carbonation” (16:00– 16:40)

(Tohoku U.) Iizuka Atsushi
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VD(Online)
VD319 “Scale-Up Business - Flash Purification of Lipids” (15:00– 15:20)

(Biotage Japan) Kanemaru Takuo
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VE(Online)
VE313 “Characterization and utilization of lipids synthesized by Nitratireductor sp. OM-1.” (13:00– 13:40)

(Hiroshima U.) Okamura Yoshiko
VE319 “Recent findings on clinker formation in biomass gasifiers” (15:00– 15:40)

(Chubu U.) Ninomiya Yoshihiko
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VR(Online)
VR313 “Approach to the carbon neutrality by energy circulation technology” (13:00– 13:40)

(Toyota Central R&D Lab.) Baba Naoki
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VS(Online)
VS306 “Advanced technology for producing void-free final surface utilizing Co-catalyst” (10:40– 11:00)

(Okuno Chemical Industries) Kan Toshiyuki
VS316 “Activity and business of SINTOKOGIO for electronics industry” (14:00– 14:20)

(SINTOKOGIO) Odagi Katsuaki
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VT(Online)
VT305 “Development of anticorrosion Ti film and the background” (10:20– 11:00)

(JFE-Eng.) Kitagawa T.

Review lecture

Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall LC(A41 Live/Online)
LC120 “Catalyst development for industrial AN production using propane” (15:20– 16:00)

(Asahi Kasei) Kato Takaaki
LC122 “Numerical simulations for sonochemistry and ultrafine bubbles” (16:00– 16:40)

(AIST) Yasui Kyuichi
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VC(Online)
VC106 “Semiconductor Memories: Technology, Economy, Industry and Future Growth” (10:40– 11:20)

(Micron Memory Japan) Aoto Nahomi
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VF(Online)
VF113 “Technological and product development with a bird's-eye view of basic physical properties” (13:00– 13:40)

(Daikin Industries) *Ota Toshihiko, Ohhigasi Yuuko
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VH(Online)
VH102 “Fluid Dynamics of Bubble Clusters” (9:10– 9:50)

(U. Tokyo) Takagi Shu
VH113 “Why are fine particles suitable for the catalysts of fluidized catalyst beds?” (13:00– 13:40)

(Kagoshima U.) Kai Takami
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VC(Online)
VC201 “Growth control of nano-particles in reactive plasmas and its applications” (9:00– 9:40)

(Kyushu U.) Koga Kazunori
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VF(Online)
VF209 “A study on amine-CO2 systems for strengthening the base of CO2 capture technology” (11:40– 12:20)

(Kanazawa U.) Yamada H.
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VG(Online)
VG208 “Research on stability of Taylor vortex” (11:20– 12:00)

(Tokyo Tech) Yoshikawa Shiro
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VA(Online)
VA316 “Water management for sustainable use of marine resources” (14:10– 14:40)

(Hiroshima U.) Nishijima Wataru
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VB(Online)
VB303 “Perspective of BECCS and its feasibility evaluation by LCA” (9:40– 10:20)

(Shinshu U.) Takahashi Nobuhide
VB308 “Implementation and Evolution of CCUS” (11:20– 12:00)

(ATPP) Oba Shigeo
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VS(Online)
VS304 “Package materials development for post 5G advanced semiconductors” (10:00– 10:40)

(Osaka U.) Suganuma Katsuaki
VS317 “Next generation battery materials and process technologies with future prospects” (14:20– 15:00)

(Tottori U.) Sakaguchi Hiroki

Requested talk

Day 0(Sep. 21), Hall LA(B41 Live/Online)
LA007 “Scaling-up of an Absorption Tower for Direct Air Capture of CO2 with LNG-Cryogenics” (15:00– 15:20)

(Nagoya U.) *Hirayama Mikiro, Tran Khuyen, Machida Hiroshi, Umeda Yoshito, Norinaga Koyo
LA008 “New technology development of latent heat storage” (15:20– 15:40)

(Hokkaido U.) Nomura T.
LA009 “Development of efficient CO2 electrochemical reduction process by hydrothermal electrolysis” (15:40– 16:00)

(Tohoku U.) Tomai Takaaki
LA011 “Innovation ecosystem in Tanegashima for co-creation with industry, university, and public organizations” (16:00– 16:20)

(UTokyo) Kikuchi Yasunori
LA012 “Roles of Startups toward Decarbonization” (16:40– 17:00)

(Shinshu U./X-Scientia) Koyama Michihisa
Day 0(Sep. 21), Hall LA(SP-1 Poster)
LA007 “Scaling-up of an Absorption Tower for Direct Air Capture of CO2 with LNG-Cryogenics” (9:00– 17:00)

(Nagoya U.) *Hirayama Mikiro, Tran Khuyen, Machida Hiroshi, Umeda Yoshito, Norinaga Koyo
LA008 “New technology development of latent heat storage” (9:00– 17:00)

(Hokkaido U.) Nomura T.
LA009 “Development of efficient CO2 electrochemical reduction process by hydrothermal electrolysis” (9:00– 17:00)

(Tohoku U.) Tomai Takaaki
LA011 “Innovation ecosystem in Tanegashima for co-creation with industry, university, and public organizations” (9:00– 17:00)

(UTokyo) Kikuchi Yasunori
LA012 “Roles of Startups toward Decarbonization” (9:00– 17:00)

(Shinshu U./X-Scientia) Koyama Michihisa
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall LA(B41 Live/Online)
LA104 “Process Science Toward Design and Control of Nanomaterials” (10:00– 10:40)

(Tohoku U.) Adschiri Tadafumi
LA116 “Measurement of permittivity in the periphery of nanoparticles for control over nanoparticle dispersibility” (14:00– 14:20)

(Tohoku U.) Mochizuki Taketo, Suga Keishi, Watanabe Kanako, *Nagao Daisuke
LA117 “Development of Production Process of Zeolite Nanoparticles by Milling and Recrystallization” (14:20– 14:40)

(U. Tokyo) Wakihara Toru
LA119 “Pseudo-molecular modeling of organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticle with thermodynamic properties” (15:00– 15:20)

(Tohoku U.) Inomata Hiroshi
LA120 “Development of separation and purification method of nanoparticle dispersions using adsorption” (15:20– 15:40)

(Tohoku U.) *Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi, Hiromori Kousuke, Takahashi Atsushi
LA121 “Evaluation of interfacial affinity and structure formation of nanomaterials” (15:40– 16:00)

(Tohoku U.) Kubo Masaki, Shoji Eita, Saito Takamasa, *Tsukada Takao
LA122 “Basic Study of Rheology of High Viscous Mixed Fluids and Filler Dispersity in the Mixture” (16:00– 16:20)

(Tohoku U.) *Watanabe Masaru, Hiraga Yuya
LA123 “Nano material data-bases and the prediction of materials properties” (16:20– 16:40)

(TUAT) Yamashita Yoshiyuki
LA124 “Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on Aggregation Mechanism of Organically Modified Nanoparticles” (16:40– 17:00)

(Tohoku U.) *Ootani Yusuke, Taniai Ryosuke, Kubo Momoji
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall LC(A41 Live/Online)
LC119 “Effective hydrogen production over carbon-supported metal catalysts using ion-exchange resin” (15:00– 15:20)

(Tokyo Tech) Fujitsuka Hiroyasu
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VI(Online)
VI113 “Investigation on filtration dust collection technology for international standardization in ISO” (13:00– 13:40)

(Hiroshima U.) Fukui Kunihiro
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VM(Online)
VM102 “CCPS; "LAYER OF PROTECTION ANALYSIS" Progress towards translation publication” (9:20– 9:40)

(Tokyo Tech) *Fuchino Tetsuo, (Safety Case Lab.) Iuchi Kensuke, (Shizuoka U.) Takeda Kazuhiro, (TUAT) Kitajima Teiji, (JNIOSH) Shimada Yukiyasu
VM103 “Using LOPA as a Risk Assessment Tool in Refineries” (9:40– 10:00)

(Idemitsu Kosan) Rahman Mizanur
VM104 “Overview of examples to apply LOPA to SIL Classification for Safety Instrumented Systems” (10:00– 10:20)

(Toyo Engineering) Tezuka Iwao
VM106 “Develping a New PSM (Process Safety Management) Framework (Ver. 3)” (10:40– 11:00)

(Tokyo Tech) Naka Yuji
VM107 “An exhaustive review method of items to be considered in management of change based on business process model” (11:00– 11:20)

(Shizuoka U.) *Takeda Kazuhiro, (Tokyo Tech) Fuchino Tetsuo, (Saito MOT Lab) Saito Hideo, (TUAT) Kitajima Teiji, (Safety Case Lab.) Iuchi Kensuke, (JNIOSH) Shimada Yukiyasu
VM108 “Case study of risk assessment and risk reduction for a runaway reaction in a batch process using the compiled supporting information for chemical reactivity hazards” (11:20– 11:40)

(JNIOSH) *Sato Yoshihiko, Shimada Yukiyasu, Itagaki Haruhiko
VM109 “Start of Ondemand Training Contents Delivering” (11:40– 12:00)

(SCEJ) Minamigawa Tadao
Day 1(Sep. 22), Hall VN(Online)
VN103 “Examination of large-scale demonstration equipment that contributes to the hydrothermal technology research” (9:40– 10:10)

(Tohzai chemical Ind.) Akimoto Keita
VN113 “Hydrothermal treatment for controlling the production and decomposition of biomass materials” (13:10– 13:40)

(Shinshu U.) Osada Mitsumasa
Day 2(Sep. 23), Hall VN(Online)
VN201 “Development of fast chemical process using high pressure fluids: Continuous extraction and machine learning” (9:10– 9:40)

(AIST) Fujii Tatsuya
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall LD(Online)
LD313 “Progress in the diagnosis of COVID-19 - Automated PCR and novel technology” (13:00– 13:30)

(Tokyo U. A&T) Yohda Masafumi
LD315 “Development of LC/MS/MS analysis method for modified nucleosides associated with aggravation of COVID-19 patients” (13:50– 14:10)

(Shimadzu) *Kunisawa Akihiro, Hattori Takanari, Watanabe Jun, Mukai Norio, (AiSTI Sci.) Asai Tomoki, Sasano Ryoichi, (Kumamoto U.) Nagayoshi Yu, Tomizawa Kazuhito
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VC(Online)
VC313 “Cell engineering for production of useful substances by using genome manipulation technologies” (13:05– 13:25)

(Kyushu U.) Kawabe Yoshinori
VC314 “Lipid nanoparticle production using a microfluidic device and its application to RNA delivery” (13:25– 13:45)

(Hokkaido U.) Maeki Masatoshi
VC316 “Structural optimization in complex distillation process” (14:05– 14:25)

(Kyoto U.) Alcantara Avila J. Rafael
VC317 “Energy utilization from waste resources in efforts of chemical engineering” (14:25– 14:45)

(Gifu U.) Suami Akira
VC319 “Development of Highly Efficient Synthesis Methods for Zeolites and Their Applications” (15:05– 15:25)

(U. Tokyo) Iyoki Kenta
VC320 “Effect of ultrasound irradiation on size and shape of the particles synthesized in the scorodite synthesis process” (15:25– 15:45)

(Akita U.) *Kitamura Yuya, Okawa Hirokazu, Kato Takahiro, Sugawara Katsuyasu
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VD(Online)
VD313 “Ammonia Recovery System Using General-Purpose Heat Pump for Cyclical Utilization of Nitrogen Resources” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kimura Chemical Plants) *Ikeda Hirofumi, Yamakawa Yosuke
VD314 “Toshiba’s Activities in Carbon Capture Technology” (13:20– 13:40)

(Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions) Chiba Noriko
VD315 “Fundamental Study on Strontium Adsorbent Using Potassium Dititanate” (13:40– 14:00)

(Kurita Water Industries) *Mori Koichi, Shinohara Takaaki, (Tohoku U.) Mimura Hitoshi, Chida Taiji, Niibori Yuichi
VD316 “Purification Technology for Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) Electrolytes using Ion Exchange Resins” (14:00– 14:20)

(Organo) *Aiba Kenta, Nakamura Akira
VD317 “Development of separation method of amino acids and peptides utilizing ionic liquids with unique characteristics” (14:20– 14:40)

(Ajinomoto) Furukawa Shinya
VD320 “Enhanced precoat-microfiltration by use of micro-bubble suspension” (15:20– 15:40)

(Sanshin Mfg.) Yagishita Kei
VD321 “Filter Aid” (15:40– 16:00)

(Showa Chemical Ind.) Takami H.
VD322 “Hollow fiber membrane element for forward osmosis” (16:00– 16:20)

(Toyobo) *Goda Shohei, Miura Yuki, Yasukawa Masahiro
VD323 “Introduction of developed antifouling PVDF hollow-fiber membranes using amphiphilic copolymers” (16:20– 16:40)

(Mitsubishi Chemical) Hikita Shingo
Day 3(Sep. 24), Hall VN(Online)
VN313 “Advanced material development and process development based on research on the physical properties of supercritical fluids” (13:00– 13:30)

(Kanazawa U.) Haruki Masashi
VN314 “Supercritical fluid deposition (SCFD): from kinetics to device application” (13:30– 14:00)

(U. Tokyo) Momose Takeshi

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