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SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting (Okayama, 2021)

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Session programs : SV-1

ST-25,SY-56,SY-64,SY-65,SY-70 are changed from live streaming sessions to online sessions.
The preprints are now open (Sep. 8). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants (excludes free registration) and invited persons are required.

SV-1 Chemical Engineering Vision Symposium 8 - Frontiers of Research and Development toward Data-driven Society

Organizers: Shimada Iori (Shinshu Univ.), Koyama Michihisa (Shinshu Univ.), Ono Tsutomu (Okayama Univ.), Toya Yoshihiro (Osaka Univ.), Yamashita Yoshiyuki (Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.)

Data science has been rapidly developing in recent years as the fourth science following experimental science, theoretical science, and computational science. The early realization of a data-driven society led by data science has been recognized as a key to international competitiveness. This symposium will have speakers who are making pioneering efforts toward a data-driven society from various viewpoints such as materials, processes, systems, and natural language processing and discuss future research and development.

Hall LA, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall LA(B41 Live/Online), Day 2(Sep. 23)
(9:00–10:20) (Chair: Shimada Iori)
9:009:40LA201[Invited lecture] Development of grid cooperated /distributed energy system using energy big data
(Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Ihara Manabu
energy system
big data
renewable energy
9:4010:20LA203[Invited lecture] High-throughput experimentation and data science realize materials design from scratch
(JAIST) Taniike Toshiaki
High-throughput experimentation
data science
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Ono Tsutomu)
10:4011:20LA206[Invited lecture] How to solve global agriculture and environmental issues through satellite data
(Sagri) Tsuboi Shunsuke
11:2012:00LA208[Invited lecture] Invitation for a book project supported by artificial intelligence
(Springer Japan) Koizumi Shinichi
Artificial Intelligence
(13:00–14:20) (Chair: Toya Yoshihiro)
13:0013:40LA213[Invited lecture] Applied digital technology for bioproduction process
(Ajinomoto) (Cor)Tokuyama Kento
Digital transformation
Machine learning
13:4014:20LA215[Invited lecture] Polymer design utilizing materials informatics in corporation
(Mitsui Chemicals) (Cor)Mukaida Shiho
Materials informatics
Artificial intelligence
Material design
(14:40–16:00) (Chair: Koyama Michihisa)
14:4015:20LA218[Invited lecture] Development of Simulation based on Deep Learning and Its Application to Material Exploration
(Preferred Networks) Sawada Ryohto
Material Exploration
Deep Learning
15:2016:00Panel discussion

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SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting (Okayama, 2021)

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